KOTOBUKIYA: Nightwing New 52 ARTFX+ Statue

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Nightwing get his own Kotobukiya statue. Click the jump to see more.

The New 52 Nightwing gets his own Kotobukiya ArtFX + Statue. The entire statue has a beautiful finish to it, which includes the escrima sticks and the bold red symbol on his chest. However, this statue is inspired by the Nightwing look of the first few issues of the series and not the present day Nightwing who has two red fingers instead of the usual whole black hand. This statue is great for anyone who is a fan of the character! Kotobukiya statues range from $40 and possibly more depending on where you get the statue. You can see more the statue with the image stills below.

Available April 2014.

Source- Kotobukiya

nightwing6 nightwing5 nightwing4 nightwing7 nightwing3 nightwing2 nightwing1

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