Batman: Arkham Origins Creative Director Eric Holmes Digs Deep into the Story, Gameplay Footage of Shock Gloves and Deathstroke vs. 100 Thugs

Batman: Arkham Origins creative director Eric Holmes was recently interviewed, where he gave a very in-depth look at the story of upcoming prequel. Also, gameplay footage of Batman: Arkham Origins featuring the new shock gloves gadget and new 1 vs. 100 mode. Click the jump to see more.

Batman_Year_OneIn a recent interview with VG 247, Batman: Arkham Origins creative director Eric Holmes provides an in-depth look at the chronology and setting of the highly anticipated prequel to the critically acclaimed Arkham series. According to the interview, it seems that prequel had been planned for quite some time and that it was with every intention to use Frank Miller’s Year One as a jumping point for this incarnation of the Bats. With that being said, it seems that, based on the way Holmes describes this setting, it fits pretty well into the Batman canon, which he surmises is far too vast to really pinpoint a good time to jump in. I’d say Year One is a pretty good reference to expand from.

It’s been established for some time that this will be Bruce’s second year as the masked vigilante batman-gallery3_1469393iBatman, though it seems that much of the same themes continue from Year One. James Gordon is still not only combating the efforts of a masked vigilante whom nobody seems to trust, but also the corrupt cops that make up the GPD. And of course, Gotham is still a pretty dangerous place to be. But the cool thing is that, as Holmes points out,  as the game progresses, the story line will slowly develop and begin establishing the Batman universe that we’re most familiar. Holmes says “One of the things you’ll start to see happening throughout game is that people start to believe in Gordon, they start to believe in Batman.”

And if the Gordon/Batman story wasn’t enough, we’ll be a privy to a deeply intimate story between Alfred and Bruce. With only a year under his belt, do you think Alfred maintains very much confidence that Bruce will come back home every night? Though some would prefer to leave out some of the mushy stuff in an action/adventure game, one of the largest reasons I was initially drawn to the Arkham games were the wonderfully crafted stories and fantastic ways in which they tell them. So far, this game looks like it’s got that covered and I couldn’t be more excited. You should check out the full article at VG 247.

Getting into the action/adventure aspect of the game, a couple weeks ago, I reported on a new shock glove gadget and a new 1 vs. 100 game mode. Well, not too long later, a video was uploaded featuring gameplay footage of the shock gloves in and out of combat as well as Deathstroke fighting off a horde of thugs in the new 1 vs. 100 game mode.

Take a look:

Last time, I wasn’t the least bit impressed with the shock gloves, but I find that they’re actually pretty cool and they found a way to incorporate them outside of combat, adding extra utility to them. The 1 vs. 100 game mode isn’t too exciting to see, especially since Deathstroke is far too slow to really catch my attentions. Though, I’m sure he’ll feel much more fun and fluid when you’re actually playing the game, so I’ll withhold any negative criticism in the meantime.

What do you think of the direction of Batman: Arkham Origins? Are you excited about the shock gloves or the 1 vs. 100 game mode? Let me know.

Source – VG247, IGN (via Arkhamverse)

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