Nathan Fillion as Batman? Unlikely.

by Kayla Ann
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Entertainment Weekly has mentioned a few actors who could be taking Christian Bale’s place in the cowl, and this week it’s Nathan Fillion. But don’t rush to spread the word; Fillion only joked with EW about being Batman. Says the actor,

“I wonder if my throat could take it,” he said, joking that he doesn’t believe he has the vocal stamina to mimic Batman’s gravelly voice. “I think I’d make an excellent Bruce Wayne; I think I’d make a terrible Batman.”

EW also mentioned that Fillion has not been approached in any way about playing the role. He also warned fans that want this person or that person to be the next Batman, to wait patiently and see what the directors and producers decide.

“Probably the worst thing you could do if there’s someone you want to be Batman is sort of rally.”

So for those of you wanting Fillion, or Gosling, or someone who’s yet to be put on the list, just wait it out.

Let us know what you think! Could Fillion fill the cape and cowl properly? Or do you have someone else in mind?


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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