Will Forever Evil Forever Change Nightwing?


Forever Evil is looming over the DC Universe’s future. The New 52 has it’s first big event in Trinity War (going on now in the Justice League related books) and the aftermath of this story arc leads directly into Villain Month (we have a link to the previews here), which is a set up for status quo changing Forever Evil.

Rumors have been running rampant on the impact this event will have on a major hero in the DC Universe. Just a few months ago Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee confirmed that the most affected character will be former Robin and Batman, Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing). Most assumed the death of this long time, much beloved character was fast approaching. Not so fast, Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnson has been putting the pieces together on Forever Evil for quite sometime now (he correctly reported DC’s Villain Month and revealed the main antagonists behind the whole transgression months before the official reveals). Death may not be the worst thing that happens to the one time Dark Knight and former Boy Wonder.


Rich is reporting that Nightwing may have his identity revealed to the masses (similar to Spider-Man’s secret ID reveal during Marvel’s Civil War) and that this will be the new status quo for the character. This will come at the heels of a severe beat down at the hands of the Crime Syndicate. How will this affect the rest of the Bat-Family? What does this mean for Dick’s costumed career? And what does the image of the new red Nightwing logo bleeding off to reveal the animated style blue logo mean? November can’t get here fast enough for me.

source: Bleeding Cool

Carlos Cabaleiro

Carlos Cabaleiro

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