Arkham Origins Batcave Screenshots

by Kayla Ann
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We’re all anxiously waiting for Arkham Origins to drop in October. All the hype makes us twitchy, wanting it to just BE here. Well, I can’t give you an early release of the game. But what I can do… Is show you some new images of what the Batcave is going to look like, as well as a few action shots.


Batman_Arkham_Origins_ABAO_EMEA_BatcaveElevator-pc-games  Batman_Arkham_Origins_ABAO_EMEA_BruceBatcomputer-pc-games  Batman_Arkham_Origins_ABAO_EMEA_BatcaveSuitup-pc-games

Batman_Arkham_Origins_ABAO_SoderColaKnee-pc-games  Batman_Arkham_Origins_ABAO_BatmanMadhatterHold-pc-games


I love how everything looks so realistic. They get better and better with their graphics as the years pass, at least in my eyes. But I want to know what YOU think!


Source: PCGames

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