Will Arkham Origins be a cross-gen game?

by Sexy Koala
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As Batman fans, most of us have heard about the October 25 release date for the much-anticipated prequel to the Arkham series, Arkham Origins. However, it has only been confirmed for current-generation consoles; Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It will also see a release for the Wii U console, but nothing has been mentioned about the PS4 or the recently-announced Xbox One.

It stands to reason that we should see this game release for those new platforms, since they are all hitting store shelves around the same time later this year. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but a New Zealand online game store recently posted listings for Arkham Origins for each of the new systems. They were quickly taken down, but not before an unsung Internet hero grabbed screen shots.

arkhamorigins-ps4 arkhamorigins-xbox1



Why these were taken down is a mystery. History shows that third party titles usually don’t see a launch date release when new consoles come out, especially if the game is already out by that time, so maybe we’ll see an early 2014 release date for the game on new  systems.

Awful lot of speculation, I know, but I’m sure all will be known at E3 in June this year.

QUESTION TIME! If Batman: Arkham Origins DOES end up being a launch title for a new system, would you buy it for the new Xbox or PlayStation? Or would you purchase it for the console you already have? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Gaming Bolt

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