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Eric Holmes, creative director of Batman: Arkham Origins have given Game Informer a little taste of the game with the music and more screen shots. Click the jump to see all.

“Batman isn’t Batman until there’s music and lighting. Otherwise it’s a guy standing there in a costume and it looks like a convention.” – Eric Holmes

He’s right, Eric Holmes, is right about the music. Music for any movie, film, TV show, or game makes the experience of interaction and engagement for the viewer/fan that much more exciting. If the music is right, you got the whole package right.

For right now, we don’t know who has composed the music for Arkham Origins.  However, we know that there will be tons of sleigh bells in the music especially since the game is set during Christmas time.  Here’s what Eric Holmes has stated about the sleigh bells in the music:

“One of our inspirations for that is Die Hard, which I think is one of the greatest movies ever made, but it’s also a Christmas movie, 13672288621138right? One thing they use in there is whenever McClane has an idea you hear the Christmas bells. So the moment for example when he has the two bullets left for his pistol and he knows Hans has his wife… then you see the Chirstmas tape and the camera punches in. You hear the same thing just before he sends the guy down the elevator… all of his ideas are little Christmas moments.”

Now, as far as the music is concerned. People will dig it for sure! Another question most fans are asking is “Will there be a Robin in this game?” Holmes answers that question too:

“One thing I can say to partly answer that is there’s no Robin at this part of the continuity. There’s no concept of Robin. Batman works alone. Who knows, perhaps the first egg may be laid…”

Let that be a huge Easter egg if they bring up a bit about Robin. For those fans who feel that Batman should be without a Robin, you’ve gotten your wish. However, with the rumor of a multiplayer mode on the rise, Dick Grayson could pop up not as Robin but as something of a vigilante roaming the streets on his own to find Tony Zucco. Mind you, this is all speculation about Dick Grayson being in the game there has been no confirmation about the multiplayer mode or Dick Grayson’s appearance the game.

See the image stills below.

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Source- Game Informer

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