Guillem March’s Talon Designs

by Brendon Carlson
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Last week’s Talon #7 was more than getting Bane more involved in the New 52/DCnU and Talon vs Bane.  It was Guillem March’s final issue of Talon.  As he is moving on, he shared some of his Calvin Rose and Talon designs on his blog.  His work has made impacts on Batman titles like Talon, Catwoman, Gotham City Sirens, Batman and Robin, Azrael, Huntress, and more.  His homage to Talon is going to be a week long behind the scene look at the title.  Here are some of the first images from that homage:

What do you think of his Talon desings?  What are your thoughts on his work for Talon?

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Source:  Guillem March Blog

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