PREVIEWS: Batman Inc #8 The Boy Wonder Returns? & Spoilers about Robin’s Fate

by Brendon Carlson
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Well it came out officially this morning, Grant Morrison has confirmed that Damian Wayne does die in Batman Inc #8 and basically how he dies.  In an odd twist for the New 52/DCnU though, the article teases that “dead may not be dead” as well as continues to tease some theories that the next Robin may be a girl.  It does sound like this story will be intense though as Grant Morrison says that Damian’s death is about Talia and Bruce fighting and “will illustrate how parents lose sight of their kids when they fight”.  The extra preview of Damian and Nightwing give the story a little more it seems on Damian almost knowing what will happen.

What do you think is Damian officially dead or could a clone be in the works?  Could the “dead” reference be something else?  What are your thoughts about Damian Wayne?

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Source:  NY Post

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