Action Figures With ACTIONS!

DC Comics posted a cool Q&A with the guys who make all those cool DC collectables you have. Some cool up an coming changes include more articulations.

The New Arkham City figures have new articulations, is it going to be a new standard?

We haven’t settled on a new standard yet, but you will be seeing some new articulation on certain figures going forward. The Batman in our upcoming Arkham City line will feature greater articulation, and you can look for more examples near the end of 2013.

Could unreleased figures (JL Heroes & Foes, DCU Online) be web-store exclusives?

 Web-store exclusives are a great idea. We are constantly evaluating our product line-up.  With last year’s launch of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 we made several decisions regarding which lines will move forward or not, mostly to make room for all of the exciting things we had planned for this year and 2013.  The result of those tough decisions is that we are not moving forward with JL Heroes & Foes or DCU Online.

Why not broaden the “themes” of each wave? “DC Dark,” “Earth 2,” etc…?

While the main DC Comics action figure waves have been focused on Jim Lee’s Justice League style, a broader offering will be seen in 2013 and 2014.

Read the full interview at DC Comics