I’ve been fighting this for awhile now…if I should write a review for Batman Inc. #3. I’ll try not spoil it for some of you, but if I do. I want to deeply apologize for those who do not have the issue. I got this issue via internet from a friend of mine who got the issue. I apologize for ruining your experience with any spoilers.


If you’ve heard from Podcast 17 and read from us, you know by now the controversial page that delayed this issue. This page relates to the Colorado Shooting, in which a person has a gun aimed at children. It really is not that bad since no one is shot in this page. However, DC Comics wants to show that they are being considerate to the sensitivity of the Colorado Shooting. This whole page connects to Leviathan’s corruption of Gotham City. For those who have been waiting for Matches Malone’s return have no fear he came back as cool as ever. However, there is something odd about him in this issue? Malone doesn’t seem like himself…hmmm? Damian hates the fact that Robin was killed off and he would have to basically sit back while Batman and Nightwing play. Of course, Damian can’t take a hint that his life is endanger since his mother wants to take him out. So, he creates a new hero named Redbird. Ok…now Redbird is not what I was going for. I like the costume; it reminds me of Gatchaman (science ninja team) from the 1970’s. The whole costume design for Gatchaman is to resemble birds and definitely Damian has a straight up resemble to them.

I still dislike the artwork by Chris Burnham. I understand that the comic book is supposed to be comically, but I find it hard to really take this comic book seriously sometimes. The art direction is fine, but the designs of these characters look so juvenile. Hey! This is just my opinion. I know that Grant Morrison (writer) likes to toe the line between light hearted and serious material. Sometimes, I find it hard to toe it with Morrison.

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