I’m glad that this story arc with Mr. Toxic is over! I couldn’t stand this whole cloning and radiation tidbit, for me it wasn’t turning out well enough. Especially, since Tony S. Daniel is leaving. It was a good finish to this train wreck of a story arc. I will say that the art was amazing with the violent reaction of Prof. Marder’s chemical substance. I was having a feeling of urgency as Batman was being engulfed in the violent reaction. Richard Friend (artist) did an amazing job with making Marder look disfigured in the face. I must say that even though the story was crap, the artwork was just sublime. I guess the beautiful thing about Detective Comics is that the story plot will always be a continuous mystery. If you’re into mystery I suggest that this comic book is for you.

On a side note as a spoiler, the Joker made a little appearance. When I say “a little appearance” I mean his face did and his horrific eyes. The Joker’s face is being preserved as evidence, which to me was like “why the hell are they even keeping his face?” Well, it’s police procedure to keep evidence so Daniel is following suit with what actual the police would do. The whole scene with the Joker’s face was creepy as hell; I mean I’m scared of the Joker already as a person. The fact that his face is off makes me even more terrified. His preserved face is like the Chucky doll, it won’t harm you because it can’t move but you don’t want to stay in the same room with it neither. You would bug the hell out! I would be in the corner singing a lullaby to calm my nerves, man! CREEPY! We all know that the Joker will be making an appearance in Batman #13 so this just a taste of what’s to come. Muahaha!

Check down below for panels that I thought were cool. What did you think of Detective Comics this time around?

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