by Kristina

Lucky I’m in NYC or I would have become for one day a KLEPTOMANIAC at WonderCon.  Some dude in a costume would have had to take me down as I try to copy a Catwoman move to steal and double back flip my way out of that joint. MUAHAHAHAhah Meow!

Two things suck: 1. I live in NYC so I’m drooling on my computer while looking at them, 2. These products won’t come out until the movie is closer to the date or hell maybe May. May is my birthday so I can pull some lost old friends to each buy me one item at a time for my birthday. UGH! GENIUS MASTER PLAN ATTACK!

So drool faces, which one of these would you pull a kleptomaniac for? For the red Dark Knight Rises tee-shirt, sweet Bane converses, Dark Knight New Age Fit Its, The Dark Knight Rises wallet, or The Dark Knight Rises converses? I’m greedy so…ALL OF THESE BECOME MINE IN MAY!

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