For those who have not seen the movie, please avoid this post for your benefit especially if you have not seen it. So, tomorrow we will be holding a review podcast special on The Dark Knight Rises. We’re interested in your opinions about the movie. Your likes, dislikes, favorite scenes, or any opinions you have about the movie that you just saw. Your responses are spoiler acceptable here. This is for people who have seen the movie and want to talk about it. I will bring up your comments during the recording tomorrow and the team will discuss those comments. Either comment below, on DKN Facebook, or email us at


  • Nick87

    I loved it, “the twist” was amazing. They had actually convinced me it wasnt going to happen and then bam!!!!! Hello knife to the ribs with the “confession!!”trying to be spoiler free. Bane kicked butt, and the ending made me cry!

  • h4v0k_528491

    Can we talk spoilers here or tomorrow’s post? Long story short 80/10 this is the best one. I love that the movies had 3 different tones and this is the best tone. The ending was better than what I was expecting.

    • Kristina

      right now you talk spoilers. i’ll update my posts for spoilers cool?

      • h4v0k_528491

        yup I just posted mine up in the comment section of this article

  • The Grey Ghost

    I loved it yet it wasn’t what i was expecting, it sometimes didn’t feel like a Batman film if that makes sence.
    It was such an emotional film with a really class ending while Anne was amazin as Catwoman.

  • h4v0k_528491

    TDKR i give a 80/10 it was amazing. I like how they were all 3 fantastic movies but with different tones. Personally this is the best one.

    Likes:  I loved everything about this movie the acting, cinemetography, story, script, etc. I thought when Selina was in the bar pretending to be scared was funny. The ending was better than expected. The Selina Kyle and Holly Robinson scenes reminded me a lot of Batman Year One and there were so many other references too. I thought that reference where they said “Whats next an alligator  in a sewer?”  I thought that was cool just about everything is perfect. In my opinion Bane is better than the Joker because if I had to choose who I would be stuck in a room with, it would be Joker because he is not as intimidating or scary.

    Dislikes:                                                          1.     I understand them changing Bane’s voice a little but but I thought the volume of his voice was a little too loud at times

    2.   Marion Cottilard was a great Miranda Tate and Talia Al Ghul. But she slipped at her death scene. Right after she said “My father’s work is done” and she just dies abruptly was funny to me. Even Batman is like what? when she died. I couldnt help but laugh a little. 

    • I wanted her to say “my beloved”

      • h4v0k_528491

        I get that reference. Thats from Arkham City. But I think her love for Bruce was fake.

  • This movie surpassed what I expected. There were very few things I disliked, actually only 3:
    The re-dubbing of Bane’s voice for the opening sequence. The new voice acting in the re-read lines seemed more generic and out of place. I’ve seen TDKR twice, once in IMAx and once regular and maybe it’s because IMAX is louder but the new dialogue seemed poorly copy/pasted into the scenes. in the regular theater itr seemed less out of place but it still felt outta place slightly. Seeing that prior to last night I’d watched the prologue at least 20 times I knew the lines backwards so I knew immediately the difference.

    Bane’s voice volume. Definitely loud throughout the movie. I know people would’ve complained that he was hard to hear if they had lowered his voice but oh well.

    Bane’s death: Seemed like an enh way to end him but even when Bats had the upper hand per se, Bane looked like he woulda beat him again.

    Aside from that I loved it. 90/100 for me. I never found the first hour overstuffed and convoluted as stated by some reviewers. Yeah it’s almost 3 hours but it all made sense. I wonder if there’s a director’s cut but that’s not nolan’s style. Bane vs Batman. What can I say? This is what I’ve wanted to see for years. Would I have wanted to see a Venom infused Bane hulk out? Sure, but even in the comics he didn’t need venom to break Batman. yes the absence of Ledger/Joker is apparent, but JGL and Hathaway definitely make up for it.

  • borgster101

    Amazing movie, 10/10 from me. At this point I don’t know if I would call it my favourite, I will have to watch it a couple more times before I could make that decision, but really I couldn’t even really choose between Begins and The Dark Knight!

    Each movie is amazing in it’s own way, they are self contained enough to be enjoyed as they are, but connected enoughh to feel part of an overall story.

    Specifically for The Dark Knight Rises, I thought it was very powerful and emotional, you could see the ‘pain’ that both Bruce and Gordon where going throuh with the ‘safe Gotham’ being based on a lie, you could see this with Alfred as well, feeling that Bruce felt that he needed to be Batman again because it was what Rachael died for. The lies, whilst everyone involved in them felt they were for the best in The Dark Knight … it is clear with The Dark Knight Rises that the guilt is getting to everyone.

    As the film develops, I really like where they went with John Blake’s character, how he discovered who Batman really was … and even acknowledged that if Gordon really wanted to he could probably figure it out (love how it is revealed to Gordon by the end!) .. his real name Robin was obviously a nod, but I was thinking it would have been better if it was Tim Drake or something, but thats a small nit pick.

    Selena Kyle was brilliant, best version of Catwoman, the more that I think about it, I think I like it better that they were vague on her back story, at first I thought it was a bit random how she suddenly had a Catwoman suit, it does open up a possibility for an “origin story” of this Catwoman! 🙂 … Her relationship with Batman, and obviously the whole three love triangle with Talia spiced things up a little, I was expected a “cat fight” towards the end, but not so much disapointed that it didnt happen per se, though would have been epic to have a Batman v.s. Bane and Catwoman v.s. Talia finale! Given the circumstances with the bomb though it makes sense where they went with it.

    And Bane … my goodness Bane, menacing, brutal, it was quite disturbing to watch his first fight with Batman, it felt like since Bruce had been out of action for some time, he really wasn’t ready for this … loved the connection with Ra’s Al Ghul and Begins, and the slow reveal of Bane’s origin, certainly Nolan’s unique take which fits into this unvierse and I really enjoyed it, at one point I though he might have been Talia’s brother, but I like how they ultimately went with it, it all made sense with their motivations and what they where doing.

    I’ll confirm this with multiple viewings, but I assume Bruce was in the prison and the pit for several months. Since his back did indeed get broken! I felt was Nolan’s version of the “Lazarus Pit” … fantastic way to incorporate it into a realistic version of Batman .. the struggle that Bruce faces in the prison, is really emotional and it provides him the strength and motivation in order to return to Gotham and face Bane again, especially jumping without the rope … really powerful moments!

    With Bruce missing in action, it’s great to see how the characters are dealing with the “city state” that Gotham has become with it under control by Bane, and how they deal with it, makes everything so much more meangiful when they are all working together to achieve salvation, Gordon and Blake really shine here, and even Fox! Awesome to see Crane as a cameo in this chatoic world too. And Selena at first feels like this is what she wanted but you can see deep down there is something more, and Bruce knows this, which further ignites their attraction and of course their ultimate reconciliation together.

    And finally the ending … it did seem like Bruce was going to make the sacrafice, and I thought wow .. this was really powerful, but I like how Nolan actually ended this trilogy, the ending really ties to what Alfred was saying and his concerns, if Bruce had died and made the sacrafice it would have been heroric but it would have been injustice for Bruce and what he as a person deserved, he deserved a fresh start it was what Alfred always wanted, and Bruce knew this, so for him to make this decision was perfect, the people would know it was The Batman who saved them, a true hero, unlike the lie that was Harvey Dent … and this would give them the true hope they deserved and needed. At the same time this allowed both Bruce and Selena to start a new life … together.

    Also, I feel like with ending most of the characters would have figured out that Bruce was alive, of course Alfred spots him in Italy, Lucius would have figured it out when it was discovered that the auto pilot was fixed by Bruce Wayne, John Blake most likely would have figured it out when he discovers the Batcave, and Gordon may have somehow got wind of this knowledge through contact that he kept with Lucius or Blake, it was a secret that few people knew that believed in what the Batman stood for, and he finally achieved what he set out to do, and could move on his own life … amazing, powerful, beautiful.

    So yeah, I loved it, it’s a 10/10 from me, fantastic ending to a brilliant trilogy!

    • h4v0k_528491

      I also liked how the dealt with Ras being immortal, not immortal in flesh. But fear will find you and I think thats where that comes from.

      • borgster101

        Yeah that was fantastic, as if his spirit still was there and his legacy continued through his daughter. In his cameo since he was dressed in the same suit as his first encounter with Bruce in Begins (and in a prison) it was clear this was a vision .. so I liked how they touched on these aspects.

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    One tHint I loved was how Bane as out fighting in the crowds and not bng stereotypical villain that wits back and watches.

  • Ending was a mind blow.

    The redubbing of Bane’s voice from the Prologue made my heart sink. It was horrible. Was actually pissed. It didn’t blend with the scene at all.
    They did it! “I will break you!” And he did!
    John Blake & Bruce Wayne….nuff said.

  • Batmite

    Love the ending!!! After showing the flashback clips from BB and TDK towards the end especially the Gordon/Wayne scene, it felt like wow…I am blessed to have seen all 3 great Batman movies. It has been an EMOTIONAL journey for me as well. It felt like Nolan did 5-7 batman movies all in all. An inspirational to us all. Thank you Nolan. 10/10 batarang

    Amazing spiderman was inspired by Batman begins, they made it dark. But compared to TDKR, it’s even more darker…

  • Edward

    Question/Comment for the podcast:

    It appears that in The Dark Knight Rises, JGL’s character John Blake graduated from “Robin” into “Nightwing” and is set to take over the cape and cowl for Batman in Gotham. Does this kinda create ambiguity over the meaning of the”chalk-bat” that both the younger orphan kid and John Blake were drawing in the movie? It really looks a lot like the Nightwing logo from the comic books and what’s even crazier? Turn it upside down and look at it….it’s a bird!!!

    At first I thought it was simply a quick way that the people of Gotham could draw the bat logo on their streets and was also their way of asking their beloved Batman to return to save them, but after the ending of the movie I now firmly believe that it was also Nolan’s way of telling us that Nightwing truly exists in the Nolan-verse.

    What are everyone’s thoughts on this?

    • borgster101

      Certainly possible, the John Blake character seems to be a bit of a combination of multiple Robins being an orphan and a bit of a ‘hot head’ and he is older as well, which would link to Nightwing.

      With this ending, I would love the next Batman movie to remain in this universe (none of this reboot stuff thanks, we already have an awesome origin story) … with Blake as Batman / Nightwing / Robin or whatever, even if Nolan himself isn’t involved as a director, I’m sure over time another talented director could step up to continue the saga. I’m fine with such a continutation not happening for another 5 years or something too, there’s no rush.

      • h4v0k_528491

        I want the continuation wth John Blake too. Knightwing makes more sense over batman because to Gotham Batman is dead and Robin is younger, and Nigtwing would be the best choice. I dont know if it is just me but the chalk version of the bat symbol reminds me of nightwing

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    The only thing I did not like was Bane’s story. It wasn’t as good as the comic version.

  • The Only thing i really did not like is how bane seemed to be reduced to being just a henchman on a pay roll at the end of the movie, and his death was NOT satisfying. they should have found a better way for him to go out

    • h4v0k_528491

      he got shot by the batpod cannon if there were a close up shot it could be rated R.

    • Crimson Dynamo

      I agree dude. Worst movie death in the history of comic book movies for me. Bane could and should have been so much more – leads me to believe that all of the chaos could have been averted if someone just shot him earlier??

    • borgster101

      I agree with Bane getting out of the picture too quickly, and thought there should have been a fight with Talia in someway involving Catwoman, though I don’t think Bane was ‘reduced’ to a henchmen per se, there was a special bond he shared with Talia so it is more than just being on the pay roll.

      • phillip_percent

        no fight between them because i believe they said Marion Cotillard was pregnant or had finished being pregnant, something like that, middle of the day fights are harder to do with stunt women, especially her because shes the only one without a mask

        • borgster101

          That makes sense. Fair enough of that point.

    • phillip_percent

      i felt the same way, he almost became Bane from Batman and Robin, Bane is a badass villain who doesnt take orders from anyone but at least it wasnt for the whole movie

      • after seeing it for a third time i realized something, he wasn’t as reduced as i originally thought, it was his and talia’s plan together. they were both going to die for the plan to succeed no matter what. they were 100% in it together to the end

  • Crimson Dynamo

    I was looking to forward to this movie as much as anyone, and all indications were that we would receive a satisfying end to the trilogy and it just wasn’t there. I wanted to say I loved it when I walked out of the theater the first time, I couldn’t, then I saw it again yesterday in the hope I would, and I didn’t. Using the Robin name was a totally classless move and something that was totally out of character for what we’ve come to expect from Nolan himself – just catering for the mainstream audiences rather than those of us who supported this trilogy. The storyline discontinuities were appalling – Bruce, now penniless, making his was back from an Asian prison within hours of just climbing out of the structure (I am assuming its Asia as Ra’s was within walking distance when Talia went to find him and his base was there previously), his back healing in a matter of days, his mental problems disappearing, Bane being killed by Catwoman who just appeared in the same doorway that Talia left seconds ago, and the list goes on.
    It didn’t know whether it wanted you to suspend believe and watch a comic book movie or remain grounded and watch a “war movie” – and in the end it did neither well at all. Avengers is a true balls out comic book movie and Nolan’s previous 2 serve the latter, so I’m not sure where this fits in the scheme of things.
    I wasn’t keen on a reboot prior to this flick but I am now – although that reboot should stay away from Bruce’s origin and the Joker for at least a decade because I doubt that can top BB and TDK!

    • h4v0k_528491

      1. I myself supporter of the dark knight trilogy loved the Robin reference and it wasnt just for mainstream audiences

      2. Bruce’s back did not heal that quickly as you think, it was over a period of time. And this part gets supernatural so that could be another reason

      3. Catwoman came after Talia got into the

      But thats your opinion but majority of people liked this movie though and you are the first person I heard who was upset about Robin

      • Crimson Dynamo

        Ok I don’t mind being a minority in this case – I’ve been one of the few people who has been following filming of this trilogy from the 2003 when Christian Bale was first announced as the new Batman, and this didn’t seem like a fitting send off for the characters I spent almost a decade following and supporting. I don’t have a vested interest in John Blake being Robin or Batman or anyone other than a cop, it took a great deal away from Bane when they devolved him into Talia’s muscle and actually it would have been impossible for Catwoman to drive up the stairs and park in the doorway without Talia seeing her at some point, or even Bane hearing or noticing her. This is the problem, the movie was overlaid with too many coincidences and cliches for me. I liked BBmore than TDK, but TDK didn’t let BB down, but this one did let those both down for me personally.
        I watched it again wanting to prove myself wrong and love it, but something about it feels wrong for me.
        I’m glad most people loved it, but be careful of wanting to love it… rather than loving it.

        • borgster101

          Interesting thoughts, I think some of your gripes are misguided though, I feel that Bruce’s time in the prison, finally escaping and returning to Gotham took several months, rather than it all happening in a matter of days as you mention. As they do mention in the movie that it would take was it 6 months for the bomb to explode … and when Batman finally does arrive it’s snowing in Gotham, suggesting signficant time has passed,

          I agree that it is a bit Hollywood cliche that he arrives just in the “nick of time”, to save the day, but this serves for the suspensful climax so I’m not so fussed about this cliche.

          The Robin thing, I would have preffered if his real name was Tim Drake or something as I mentioned before, but I think they decided to go with something that more people would recognise and appreciate, at the end of the day it works, because John Blake is an original character with elements borrowed from several versions of “Robin”.

          But yeah each to their own, perhaps with further viewings you may still grow to at least appreciate it for a solid movie,

        • h4v0k_528491

          Everyy movie has continuity issues. But most you don’t notice

    • ruledbysecrecy

      Bruce’s back took months to heal.

      There was nothing to indicate that he got back to Gotham in a matter of hours.

      • Crimson Dynamo

        No, the bomb was set to go off in 5 months, and Bruce was still in prison well into 90 days, 3 months. Even if he took a month to get out of the place after escaping how did he? He was broke and had no resources, and getting into Gotham was near impossible for someone with resources leave alone without.
        After following this trilogy from the early stages of BB in 2003, this is my gripe with the final movie –
        Then his first order of business was to emblazon the bat symbol on a building and meticulously lead an ignition wire over thin ice which people were on including himself and expect Gordon to light it, which he did (see Daredevil for where this was stolen from).
        Does that seem logical? It seems so out of character for what these 2 would have done in BB or TDK – and then speaking of out of character, there’s Alfred who disappeared and we didn’t even see him show concern over what was taking place in Gotham or Bruce’s well-being? Given his unknown resources all of a sudden (regarding Bane’s history), surely said sources would have informed him that Bruce was now a prisoner in the same place?
        At the end of the day people who can overlook these flaws will rate this a great movie, and people who expected more (these weren’t minor plot holes, I got them on my first viewing) will always find that there was a great movie hidden among the noise in this. It was too crowded and nothing was fully tied up like BB or TDK.
        What about Ramirez and Gordon’s family who knew about Dent (even though his family moved away the League could have gotten to them), and then there was Coleman Reese who conveniently disappeared.
        I find it really unsettling that Bruce would hand over the bat mantle to a cop that he barely knows, especially since at the time his will was written, Blake only supposedly knew he was Batman and drove him home once. It went further to show indicate Gordon and the rest of the police force were incompetent if a kid could figure out who Batman was. I truly thought Gordon always knew he was Bruce, after the Lamborghini scene in TDK – but they went on in this movie to make him incompetent, right from the sewer scene onwards.
        And devolving Bane into Talia’s muscle was an awful ending for his character.

  • I loved the pit being nolan’s realistic version of the lazarus pit. both fights between bats and bane were amazing. especially the first. him getting his face pounded in and his back broken was so gruesomely fantastic i could hardly even contain myself. i was moved to tears in when alfred left, and when he was at bruce’s “funeral”. selina kyle was perfect. bane was terrifying and almost perfect as a villain in every way. like i said before i just felt that it took away from his character when talia pretty much revealed him to be henchman in HER plan. and i have to say, the second time i saw it, i liked john blake’s name being robin, and him finding the bat cave a whole lot better. as far as the ending goes, to quote ras al ghul:

    “theatricality and deception are powerful agents”

    make of that what you will

    i think that when i saw the movie thursday night, i was kind of delirious being up so late, and being so excited, i let my emotions get in the way of me enjoying the movie. this time i was able to sit back, relax and watch it from a new perspective, and enjoyed it a lot more. to be perfectly honest, after seeing this film a second time today, i have decided that i did not only like it better the second time, but it has usurped Batman Begins and the dark knight. this movie is now my favorite movie of all time, and if it doesn’t win best picture, no comic book movie will, ever.

    • h4v0k_528491

      Agreed but I have only seen it once but the fitst time i saw it; I knew it was my favorite movie and batman movie ever

    • If this movie does not win Best Picture, I am going to lead a protest to the Academy. By itself TDKR is the best film I have ever seen in my life. You agreeing as such proves that I am not crazy.

  • knix24

    Let me start off with that i loved this movie, but i loved so much of it im just going to talk about the things i didnt like
    1) Bane’s voice sounded better before they decided to change it, they tried to make it loud so more people could hear him i think but to me it was too loud in some scenes, but oh well not too bad
    2) I thought they should have hid the fact that Bane was in the league of shadows and popped it on us and had people be more surprised, how did they find out anyways? what database did alfred look that up on? I’m pretty sure they dont just have records where you can find out whos been in the LOS
    3) Bane’s death was too fast, but idk, Bruce was really hurt and probably couldnt have done much so idk of a better solution, but thats Christopher Nolans job! ha
    4) This is kinda a stretch to dislike because i’m asking that they should have changed the plot, but if Bane would have hurt his back in the explosion that Bruce made in the first movie at the LOS headquarters he would have had a personal vendetta against Bruce and not just seemed like Tahlia’s henchman just doing what she wanted
    5) Like some other people have said, some things were just too convenient like Bruce coming back so fast and Catwoman coming in so fast, but still oh well
    I dont mind Robin, but hopefully they just skip to Nightwing (unfortunately Robin has been portrayed so badly Nightwing would just be cooler) if they make a movie, that’d be kinda cool,
    ALSO I have no clue how I feel about Bruce living, I’m torn between if i wanted him to die or not, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

  • Matvei Leshchyov

    I agree with every single thing you said. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hated some of this.

  • DMertz

    I’ve been listening to Matt’s podcasts going all the way back to his two previous websites.. all the contributors have been great but I honestly think Matt could pick any subject and do a great show with it… he’s just got the voice and enthusiasm down that ultimately relates to the common folk. I opted to watch this film in an older theater here in San Francisco which for some weird reason gave it a classic feel to me. I thought that the 2 hours and 45 minutes felt like 90 minutes if that because it moved quickly and kept my interest at all times. It was so well done by Nolan that at times you really have to nitpick to find any gripes with the final installment. I thought Crane as the judge although surprising could have had some better lines and really came off kinda bland in contrast to his two previous appearances of course. I would have loved to have seen a glimpse into Arkum Asylum where a couple of potential villains could have been foreshadowed if and when they return to this universe with Blake as the focal point. And by the way… Blake I thought stole the show. Ultimately I left the theater extremely satisfied but of course craving more of this Nolan universe. They must do another film!

  • Geoffrey

    I don’t know if anyone here will read my post here..but i’ll share anyway.

    My thoughts?

    The fire rose, it burned & it repeatedly kicked my ass & then some!!

    The Dark Knight Rises was incredible! It was like one gut punch after another…& I found myself asking for another punch & another…& so on & so on! lol The pacing was superb, the acting was brilliant & the action was awesome! The director, cast & crew did phenomenal job of crafting this film together & unleashing it on us!

    The Talia reveal was handled very well! Even though we all knew Miranda was really Talia, the way the reveal came out of no where caught me by surprise (Well done Mr. Nolan!) Marion Cotilard was amazing! Anne Hathaway…OH MY! I knew she would rock it BIG time as Selina! Christian Bale once again owned all as Bruce Wayne & Batman, Tom Hardy was absolutely frightening as Bane! He was a cross between Darth Vader & Lord Humongous from “The Road Warrior”. He was cold, menacing & viciously brutal! But I Ioved how he teared up when Talia spoke of him as her protector when she was a child. He displayed real humanity there. The fight scenes between Batman & Bane were so well done! You felt every punch, kick, headbutt, elbow strike & knee strike. The scene where Bane breaks Batman’s back, brought back the same feelings I had as a kid reading Knightfall. My eye’s teared up then & they teared up again when watching that scene! Their rematch during the brawl between the GCPD & The League, I kept hearing the song “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns & Roses in my head. lol Watching Bane smash through the concrete with his fist & Batman smash his fist through Bane’s mask was so awesome & thrilling!

    And the ending was so beautifully done! The theater my buddies & I were in erupted with VERY loud cheers & applause!

    It was truly a breathtaking conclusion to a monumental trilogy, in my honest opinion!
    I can’t praise this film enough! This Batman fan left the theater EXTREMELY happy!!
    I will go see this film again…& again…& again…& AGAIN! lol

    Long live Batman!


    • h4v0k_528491

      Agree. But at times I felt Bane’s voice was redubbed way too much.

      • Geoffrey

        Yeah he seemed to have a little extra boom, bass & fury in his voice! lol But overall, I thought it was fine. Christopher Nolan’s/Tom Hardy’s version of Bane is the definitive version of the character now in my eyes! WOW!! My buddies & I were all doing Bane voice impersonations after the film was over. lol 🙂

  • harvey dental floss

    my fav part i think was the first time we got to see batman again on the batpod. when he came in stealth with the emp and light out in the tunnel and that classic batman chase hanz zimmer music with the horns that we all heard in the previous movies. him and bane crossing paths for the first time on motorcycles, then him creeping into the shadows to show gotham his new toy ‘the bat’, im from jersey and was luckly enough to see it at the liberty science center in jersey city. for those who dont know it i did a lil research on it and it just so happens to be one of the oldest imax machines, but what a beast, and its also the biggest imax screens in n.amerca, just like nolan stated u def really need to see it in imax, that opening sequence we’ve scene in the prologue was unreal and massive on that screen. as well as other big action sequences

  • knix24

    I’ve decided Batman couldnt have died in the end. I love when movies have the balls to kill the main character and i think usually it makes the movie better. At first what i thought should have happened is when Batman was flying “The Bat” away with the bomb attached to it he should reach down and touch where he got stabbed and then bring his hand back up and have it be all bloody so the audience would know that he was going to die from his wound anyway and then just die in the explosion. But I’ve realized if he would have died then Alfred and Rachel would have been right and his obsession would be his death and there would truly wouldnt “be a day when Bruce didnt need Batman” and then even though he would have sacraficed literally everything for the city it would have been a loss because he wasnt ever able to give up being Batman and Michael Caine would have cried more… and lets be honest, no one likes seeing such a wise man cry.
    ……………………..Another thing I thought could have made it better is at the restaurant in the end Alfred should have just looked up and smiled and nodded and not showed who it was too, I think that would have been a good ending so there was some question to whether he Bruce lived or not but he actually did. But then the flaw with that idea is that you dont see him with Selina Kyle which I thought was a nice touch, it showed that both of them had truly rid themselves of their pasts and were starting completely over. Plus Anne and Christian made a nice couple. haha
    Anyone else have an opinion on the ending????????????

    • knix24


    • h4v0k_528491

      I think the ending is perfect as it is. Selina got the fredh start she always wanted and Bruce can finally settle down and be with someone he loves and left the responsibility of protecting Gotham to John Blake.

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