The Highs and Lows of The New Dark Knight Rises Trailer.

(Please Note: The following article is an opinion piece from our writer JoeyQ. While we fully support our writers views, it does not represent the views of everyone at the site)

As quickly as the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises dropped, everyone began rambling on about what they thought.  Regardless, as with all movie trailers there were some extraordinarily high notes for me, and a few that left me scratching my chin.  Everyone ,of course will have their own opinion, this however, is how I saw the highlights and the let downs.


  • More footage of the spectacular Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, although we weren’t able to see as much as I would have cared for.   We were able to get a brief glimpse of her kicking some butt with her gorgeously stylized fighting skills .  The audience was also given a different view of Selina Kyle/Catwoman, showing a caring and passionate woman who cares about Batman and the well being of others.
  • Bane’s voice  sent chills racing through my body as he whispered, “You’re punishment must be much more severe.”  Hands down the best line in the entire trailer to me, and I was certainly able to hear everything he eerily rasped out perfectly well.  That alone should silence all the frustration/concerns of not being able to hear Bane throughout the movie.
  • The most terrifying moment came when Bruce Wayne looked up into Bane’s mask and softly muttered, “What are you?”  We’ve never seen our Caped Crusader in such a vulnerable position, and that just demonstrates what an enormous force Bane will be.  The trailer was also able to depict the strength and menace that we will see in Tom Hardy’s’ Bane.


  • Gotham’s Bridges are destroyed, at first we’re given a sweeping view of the city bridges and then they instantaneously start blowing up!  Totally caught me off guard, and had me giddy with excitement as I went back to watch it once more.
  • A wet Bruce Wayne and Miranda Tate making out, dropped my jaw to the floor.  I wonder how far they’ll end up taking it, and will Bruce end up with Tate or Selina Kyle?  This was all we were able to see of Miranda Tate sadly, nothing more to fuel or detract from the rumors that she’ll be Talia al Ghul.
  • Explosions galore were sprinkled throughout the trailer and this makes me wonder what bigger, more spectacular scenes will Nolan have hidden up his sleeve?


  • While Gotham looks utterly gorgeous, it’ just not the same Gotham.  It was a bold choice for Nolan to use New York City as his final Gotham ,while previously using Chicago as our beloved city.  The two cities just look too drastically different, which left me wondering if this was done on purpose to show how Gotham has progressed over the past 8 years?
  • Seeing Batman and Catwoman together at the last moments of the trailer was completely amazing, the dialogue just left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Yes, it’s funny and has the same brand of humor used in the previous Batman films, it simply felt out-of-place to me.  I’d expect a line like that attached to the Avengers, not in the darker Dark Knight Rises.  I felt like Warner Bros. randomly tacked it on at the end of the trailer to scream, “IM A SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER EVERYBODY!”, and that let me down.

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