‘Batman vs. Yakuza League’ Reveals New Justice League

by Eric Lee
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A new incarnation of the Justice League  for the animated film Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League has been unveiled.

The latest teaser trailer for the Animated feature is short but it now gives us more idea of the plot: Batman and Robin have to fight against an evil incarnation of the League.

Based on the trailer’s tagline, it seems that there’s something seriously wrong with Batman’s former allies.

The ninja who battled feudal Japan has returned once again to face a world unlike any other… There is no justice.”

In the trailer, Batman and Robin seemingly travel to a parallel universe where the Justice League are villains and Robin  labels them the Yakuza League.

Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (aka Jessica Cruz), the Flash, and Aquaman make up the roster for the new League.

Breaking Down the Yakuza League

Another reason why it might be a parallel world is because all of the Leaguers’ costume designs look like a mix of modern day superhero costume and Feudal Japan wear.  Batman: Ninja established that the DC superheroes and villains more-or-less look like their modern-day selves, artist from the fact that that they donned Feudal samurai wear after they were transported back in time.

So, seeing that this version of the Justice League has a mix of both old and newer styles implies that things are not how the Dark Knight originally left then, and, to be totally frank, all of the Yakuza League look pretty awesome.

Aquaman looks like a traditional fisherman with tattoos. Green Lantern wears ornate robes, and Wonder Woman seems to be wearing a hakama and wielding an umbrella as her shield.

However, my favorite redesign is the Flash. I love that he’s wearing a kasa hat with his lightning bolt head ornaments on it, resembling Jay Garrick’s design. I also like the details of his poncho with lightning bolt streaks on it. Of course, the Flash needs to be chewing on a piece of straw- just because.

Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League has no firm release date as at time of writing.

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