Review: Batman and Robin #11

by James Attias
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“Welcome to Dinosaur Island”
Writer: Joshua Williamson
: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: Steve Wands
Review by James Attias

After a reunion with a friend the dynamic duo head to Dinosaur Island to fight an old foe. There’s so much going on in Batman and Robin #11! How is it even possible? *Jeff Goldblum voice* “this issue… finds a way…”


After the ending of the last story, this issue immediately throws us into the next. With Author Josh Williamson bringing back some familiar faces

This story features a lot of callbacks, so if you live under a rock before you read this issue go back and read the entirety of Peter J. Tomasi’s Batman and Robin run (it’ll be SO worth it, trust me). As well as Robin: Son of Batman, Tom King’s Batman Run aaand The Joker series from last year. We’re bringing a lot of threads to tie this tale up.

This issue takes our dynamic duo on a new adventure. The short prelude to the main story was magnificent, a very entertaining and ridiculous few pages. I’m hoping we keep that energy going throughout the entire story.

Pennyworth For Your Thoughts

A lot of the driving force in this issue is influenced by the events of Tom King’s Batman run and the death of a certain sarcastic (and greatly missed) butler. It was very interesting to me to see the emotional damage shown on an older Damian and Bruce now that they’ve both been through so much more. The way they’ve both grown after what happened was very interesting to read and witness.

The art was once again different, which you know I find jarring on a title, but if it was going to happen this would be the perfect time. The issue was well-drawn, well-lettered, and well-colored, however, so what more could you want from a book?


Batman and Robin #11 was a great kick-off for the father/son heroes to embark on their next challenge. I’m excited to see in which direction this series goes next.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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