Review: Harley Quinn #37

by Kendra Smart
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“Oops, All Harleys!” And “Story Two”
Writers: Tini Howard and Erica Henderson
Artists: Logan Faeber page 1, Sweeney Boo  pages 2, 3, 20-22, Kelley Jones pages 4-7, Elena G. Bansh pages 8-10, Stefano Raffaele pages 11-14, Mindy Lee pages 15-17, Marguerite Sauvage pages 18-19
Colorists- Logan Faeber page 1, Sweeney Boo  pages 2, 3, 20-22, Jose Villarrubia pages 4-7 and pages 11-14, Elena G. Bansh pages 8-10, Mindy Lee pages 15-17, Marguerite Sauvage pages 18-19
Letterers: Steve Wands and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Kendra Smart

On The Road Again

Harley Quinn #37 leaves you reeling… but in the best way, like the 1996 Radica Bass Fishing game! Get it?

Alright, moving on. When last we left poor Harley, things were coming to a head and The Brothers Eye were ready to not only confront her but put her on trial so that the city would surrender her. For starters, pointing out one’s flaws is a bit rude, but the plot thickens even further, and we go on an amazing journey; a tour through the multiverse piloted by talented artists ready to showcase the different aspects of Harley!

Before we begin the breakdown, I have to talk about the main cover. Sweeney Boo gives us some of the many faces of Ms. Quinn, with an astonishing depiction of the different Harleys all ready to battle and band together. It’s such a great representation of what’s to come in the pages of this book. I had to get in and examine all of the Harliterations, and my most supreme kudos, because it is dynamic, varied, detailed, just…elevated.  Brava!

There I Am, On The Stage

The way we are just launched into utter chaos is just neck-breaking. The Brothers Eye and Harley Quinn are finally getting their face off. They maintain that once the people see just how badly Harley has messed up, even her friends won’t support her anymore, and will turn her over to their side, to be used as weapons.  Her flaws on full display, and threatened with the showing of her worst possible self, leave her understandably upset… and the multiverse begins to shift!

The Brothers Eye are trying to harness what it is that makes Harley so unique and special, to replicate the power she holds. To do so they bombard her, trying to break her; with her fears, her doubts, and even her ambitions, being thrown at her. Can our girl really save the whole of the world, both from herself AND all the charges?

Buckle Up, Buttercup.

I’m going to break my ore out now and tell you that this issue pulls the easiest ten out that I’ve ever given to a Harley Quinn comic. This book touches each part of the reader on such a relatable level with the amount of wonder poured into this issue.

We’re given an engaging story creating depth for an already extremely layered and beloved character, one that shows her not only owning her decisions but also owning up to the consequences those actions elicit. Not only that, but we see her delight in the fact that she makes these choices with a good understanding and acceptance of who she is.

Tini Howard, Wow. Just… wow.

Now with full story love given, let’s talk about the art because, goodness gracious, do we get all the love from these artists giving us the most, even if only with a single page! Logan Faerber, Sweeney Boo, Kelley Jones, Elena G. Bansh, Stefano Raffaele, Mindy Lee, Marguerite Sauvage, Jose Villarrubia, and Steve Wands give us perfection across the board.

Different fears, featuring greats like Frankenstein-themed Harley and Ivy, and even Lord Harley of Warworld, all interact with Harley.Exe on a different level of understanding. Seriously, Bravo to this entire team, the love was felt.

Missed Call From The Blair Witch

Erika Henderson and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou then bring us a story that’s an ode to the great found footage horror films featuring Harley dealing with all the ever-changing faces of Joker. As he haunts her, his images become more unhinged and more than aggressive. Even the ending doesn’t signal the true awakening from a nightmare. This tale delivers a beautiful blend of artwork and Hassan Otemane-Elhaou does an astounding job on the lettering.


Harley Quinn #37 definitely brings the different sides and fears of people into play. One thing I loved was getting both Harley and Joker in so many different spotlights in the same book with each of the sides being represented so well.

I know that character building for Harley’s been touched on, and covered so deeply, but growth is a journey and is different for everybody. I don’t think that, being given time to pause to enjoy all that, takes away too much from the main focus. In fact, it really feels like we’ll hopefully get to see some forward movement after this stumble and collection of herselves.

I know I look forward to it in Harley Quinn #38!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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