Review: Harley Quinn #36

by Kendra Smart
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“Soup, Salad, or Death”, and “Harley The Barbarian”
Writers: Tini Howard and Alexis Quasarano
Artists: Sweeney Boo and Steve Beach 
Letterers: Steve Wands and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Review by Kendra Smart

Harley Quinn #36 is here! Our hero gives us a quick run down as the O.M.A.C.s have brought the heat of battle, alongside The Brother Eyes. The kerfuffle has now made it to Warworld, so we rejoin the group of Lux, Harley, Bud, Lou, and Liana as they attempt to hold their ground. Well, in Harley’s case, it’s more of a phone but we’ll get there.

Our main cover’s by Sweeney Boo and it delivers a stellar showcase of our villains, who have their eyes set primarily on Harley.

Let’s join the fray and figure out what’s to come for Ms. Quinn. She can handle it… right?

Hachi Machi

I love the way that this issue’s a POV choose your adventure based on how well Harley knows Kevin, more specifically what Kevin would do in certain situations.

It’s a hard run for Harley this month, that’s for sure, and while she could ask for help from friends and Ivy, she chooses to stand her ground against the Brother Eyes. What they want from Harley may not be clear yet, but they clearly have a plan. It feels like they mean to have Harley willingly or unwillingly offered up on a platter, but for what purpose still remains to be seen. Their dedication to the cause is surely one for the history books.

Harleen The Barbarian Queen

It’s a joy to see Sweeney Boo back in the game on the art, and Tini Howard’s been stringing us along with this story.  I’m quite curious to see where she will end this arc and really want to know what the end game is. Who are the Brother Eyes, and just why are they targeting Harley? The story’s had a good flow and the character chemistry’s wonderful. We see very sweet moments of clarity for Kevin and Harley that are delicious.

We also get an astounding and rousing backup story with “Harley The Barbarian”, written by Alexis Quasarano, art by Steve Beach, and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. The artwork’s masterful and made me immediately go to the frame of Redwall, Dungeons and Dragons, and even Boris Vallejo’s work. Beach goes beyond the mark with his details and impactful art. The story tells of a bride to be recaptured and a curse to be broken, well… that and a powerful mallet complete with soul-devouring abilities.

Seriously, enjoy the ride.


Harley Quinn #36 has so many wonderful things about it; the artwork, the dream story, and the emotional ka-pow. I look forward to discovering what’s next for our troupe. It’s been a pleasure seeing the entire creative team showcasing their best work.

See you next issue!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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