New ‘Gotham Knights’ Trailer Shows Post-Batman Gotham

by Eric Lee
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The CW has released a new trailer for the live-action Gotham Knights starring Oscar Morgan. The clip shows a Gotham City that’s reeling from the death of Batman. However, the real drama begins when Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, Turner Hayes, is suspected as the killer.

In addition to the police hunting him, we also see Gotham overwhelmed with a crime wave in the wake of the Dark Knight’s murder.


Amongst other interesting teases, the trailer features Harvey Dent-played, played by Misha Collins, interrogating the Joker’s Daughter, played by Olivia Rose Keegan. In the comics, the Joker’s Daughter is also known as Duela Dent and is actually Harvey’s daughter.  It’s unknown if the familial connection between the two characters will be addressed.

There are brief glimpses of other Bat-family characters, like the brother and sister duo of Harper and Cullen Row, and Carrie Kelley as Robin. Unfortunately, the Robin suit seems like a fairly generic black catsuit with the exception of the distinctive giant green goggles that are evocative of the character’s look, as seen in the classic The Dark Knight Returns.

Gotham Knights will premiere on March 14 on the CW.

Look out for more news on the show as it happens. Please be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new trailer and this new vision of the Bat Family and Gotham City, after the death of its greatest hero. It’s time for an all-new generation of Gotham Knights.


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