Terence Winter Reveals Why He Left ‘Gotham PD’ Spin-Off

by Eric Lee
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Boardwalk show runner Terence Winter has spoken about his decision to leave The Batman spin-off Gotham Police television show.

In an interview with The Wrap, Winter touched upon how he and The Batman director Matt Reeves had different ideas of where the show should go.

Yeah. It was purely a case of creative differences. We were going to do a gritty cop show that happened to be set in the world of the Gotham City Police Department. I did a couple of outlines and just never really got it there, I guess, for Matt Reeves and company. We just decided to part ways rather than keep banging our heads against the wall, if we were seeing the show in a different way. But it was completely amicable and I know Joe Barton took a swing, as well. I think he ended up in the same place, and now they’re doing a show about the Penguin. I think it’s great.

Why Did Terence Winter Want to Make a Batman Show?

It seems like that while Winter and Reeves did not agree on the series’ direction, it was not a hostile departure. Terence Winter even shared why he took on the challenge of trying to do a Batman-adjunct show to begin with.

What was interesting to me was taking a serious look at a heightened animated or cartoony, I hesitate to call it cartoony, but fantasy world. Like putting the template of a gritty seventies cop show on top of Gotham City, this incredibly corrupt police department, that was really interesting to me. I’m not particularly a fan of the comic book genre, but when they presented that, and I said, “Oh, this is what I want to do,” I got on board. But yeah, it really depends on the IP.

However, since then the idea of a show focusing on Gotham Police Department was scrapped. In its place is a series potentially focusing on Arkham Asylum. Whatever the case is, it should be exciting for Batman fans to see a different side of Gotham City.

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