DC Releases ‘Riddler: Year One’ Trailer To Coincide With Paul Dano’s Origin Series

by Steve J Ray
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DC Entertainment is clearly firmly behind the stunning new mini-series, written by The Batman star Paul Dano, and illustrated by the incredible Stevan Subic. The Riddler: Year One trailer showcases both the eeriness of the art, and the rich, dark characterization of the character.

This is a series that has been eagerly anticipated, not only by everyone here at Dark Knight News, but also by comics and movie fans worldwide.

The Riddler: Year One trailer:

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is a film that changed fans’ perspectives and opinions of The Riddler; a character who had previously been seen as a second-rate Joker, or more of a fun character. His previous live action appearances bear no resemblance at all to the villain seen in the latest film, or in this comic.

Paul Dano has surprised us all with his grasp of the character he helped create, and also with his stripped back script, which allows his hugely talented collaborator, artist Stevan Subic, to let his stunning visuals do a lot of the work.

The first issue of this series is truly impressive, and the talents behind its creation have delivered something very special indeed. While it may not be considered Batman canon, both comics and film fans have been gifted with a slice of entertainment that’s not only well worth owning but that will also satisfy both their distinct sensibilities. As a movie buff and a comics nerd, I wholeheartedly recommend picking up this title.

If that’s not good enough, then I hope the art attached to this article, and the Riddler: Year One Trailer itself will help push you over the edge, and into a comic shop near you.

You can also read Steven Lee Sharpe’s review of The Riddler: Year One #1, right here.

Images and video content courtesy of DC Entertainment

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