DC Unleashes ‘Batman: Beyond the White Knight’ Trailer

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics has given fans a first look at the new mini-series, Batman: Beyond the White Knight.

The trailer is more of a behind-the-scenes feature that showcases writer and artist Sean Gordon Murphy, and he tells readers how Beyond the White Knight will differ from its predecessors.

The White Knight was set up to be kind of a political thriller, Curse was set up to be a historical thriller, and this will be a sci-fi thriller.

What to Expect from ‘Batman: Beyond the White Knight’

Not only will there be a looming danger of a totalitarian police state, but it also clashes with the more traditional Gotham PD. And for Batman Beyond fans, there will be appearances of series characters like Terry McGinnis and Derek Powers.

However, there will be plenty of plot threads from the previous White Knight series that will continue. Among them is obviously Bruce Wayne now being old and imprisoned for such a long time.

At the end of the last volume, I have Bruce going to jail. Some years have gone by. What happens is somebody breaks into the ruins of Wayne Manor and steals this super dangerous Batsuit. [Bruce] decides to escape. He becomes a convict, the number one criminal on the run in Gotham, hoping to finally put Batman to bed. And there’s kind of a civil war in Gotham — there’s this overreaching, overpowered super cop program run by Dick, and then you have GCPD, the normal blue-collar good cops.”

Beyond ‘Batman Beyond’

Beyond fans will notice that the new Bat-suit is slightly updated. It now features some more red piping, gills around the neck, and extra scallops on the leg. However, Murphy did not want to stray too far away from the iconic sleek red and black motif.

I also wanted to play with pieces in a new, unique way. I thought I could re-invent the Terry McGinnis costume, but it looked so good the way it was. To complicate the suit-it’s gonna look wrong. So I decided to make look like how he was in the original series.

Finally, Murphy teased how the new Batman will be very similar to the cartoon series, but with some major differences. Without spoiling anything, Murphy’s also promised that there’ll be a final page reveal that will get fans excited about Terry.

The big reveal on the last page… if it doesn’t make you want to buy the rest of the series, then you’re dead inside.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight hits comic shops on March 29.

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