New Red Robin Figure Announced by McFarlane Toys

by James Byrd
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A  new 7″ scale Red Robin figure is now available to preorder from McFarlane Toys and associated retailers.

Take flight

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with a new Red Robin figure from the master action figure craftsmen at McFarlane Toys. Tim Drake has a long and rich history as one of the most important characters in the Batman mythos. The years since his 1989 debut have seen numerous changes and challenges, and now collectors can preorder a new figure that celebrates one of the first big ones, his debut as Red Robin in the New 52.

Let’s look at the pitch:

Timothy “Tim” Drake is a self-made hero in every sense of the word. Tim Drake deduced the real identity of Batman, and auditioned for the role of his next partner. Batman had lost his most recent sidekick, Jason Todd, in a tragic turn of events, and in Tim’s mind, Batman needed a Robin to stay true to himself and his mission.


Tim was taken into Bruce’s care, where he spent only a brief time serving as Robin before striking out on his own as Red Robin.


Analytical almost to a fault, Tim represents the “brains” of the Batman Family’s roster of former Robins. As a Teen Titan, Tim excelled as both leader and mentor, though following in Batman’s footsteps is anything but his dream.


Product Features:

  • Incredibly detailed 7” scale figure based off the DC Multiverse
  • Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play
  • Red Robin is based on his look in DC New 52
  • Red Robin comes with his Bo Staff and a base
  • Included collectible art card with figure photography on the front, and character biography on the back

Images and press release courtesy of McFarlane Toys

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