DKN Spotlight Review: Detective Comics #1050

by James Attias
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“The Tower ” – Part Four, “House of Gotham” – Part Four, and “World’s Finest” – Prelude
Writers: Mariko Tamaki, Matthew Rosenberg and Mark Waid
Artists: Ivan Reis, Fernando Blanco and Dan Mora
Color Artists: Brad Anderson, Jordie Bellaire and Tamra Bonvillain
Letterers: Ariana Maher, Rob Leigh and Aditya Bidikar
Review by James Attias

A huge anniversary issue of the greatest comic of all time is here! With 3 thrilling stories and a bunch of amazing variant covers. You belong in Arkham Tower if you’re not pumped and ready for Detective Comics #1050.

Comfortably Numb

Arkham Tower has been swallowing patients for a while now, orderlies, criminals, and heroes alike. Well… finally, we have someone on the inside, who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, Nightwing has gone undercover as a janitor. It’s a start.


With Huntress now trapped inside the tower under some sort of coercion, after going undercover as a patient, Batwoman undercover as a Doctor trying to find out what the scam is. Finally, we have a member of the Bat-Family in the tower watching from the shadows trying to get some answers!

This issue also sheds some new light on a drug or treatment called “Numb” which we’ve been wondering about since this new story started. How are the inmates of Arkham Tower doing so well? WE FINALLY KNOW… #Spoiler.


I cannot praise Ivan Reis enough for this issue’s art. It’s stunning, and I love how the characters look. I’ve been treated to reviewing some of the finest art in Detective Comics in recent times, not to mention Mariko Tamaki, completely changing up the way she’s writing this long-burning, mysterious detective story. The scripts have been fantastic. Each time I finish an issue I cannot wait for the next one, and that goes triple for the last page stinger of this issue! You’re not going to believe it, folks!

Special Boys And Girls

In this wonderfully written, and eerily drawn back up story; Scarecrow’s leading the army of hypnotized boys and girls to Wayne Manor. This is a poor choice on his part as it’s somewhat well protected. We’re still following the journey of the tragic young Roy Dowd, who’s been through the wringer in his life so far.

Watching his story unfold has really been a struggle as his story’s so sad. We know Bruce Wayne always has the best intentions but somehow this young boy has slipped through the cracks at every step. When this story started out I was curious as to what the point was or where it was going, but now I don’t want it to end!

Now Swap Your Partner 

I’ve been excited so about this! Batman, Robin, and Superman are back! We’re treated to a prelude to the upcoming World’s Finest comic, written by the fantastic Mark Waid and one of my all-time favorite artists Dan Mora. The story takes us back to the early days of Metropolis with Batman and a teenage-looking Robin (might be Jason Todd?!) facing a rampaging Poison Ivy, it would be helpful if there was a certain big blue boy scout around to help… well, he has his hands full with Metallo. With villains, red Kryptonite, and a mysterious villain lurking in the shadows, this series is going to be off the chain!


Detective Comics #1050 is an awesome issue that really ticks all my boxes. With stunning art in every story, thrilling writing on every page, it’s a wonderful issue that I’ll definitely be purchasing multiple variant covers of. Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

For more Detective goodness, check back here next week! Same Bat-site, same Bat-reviewer.

9 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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