“Incredible Score” Coming From Michael Giacchino

by Lauren Fiske
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I’ve already talked extensively about my love for composer Michael Giacchino and his work. I’m not alone in this fandom if a Tweet from The Batman director Matt Reeves is anything to go by!

The Batman is only a few short weeks away from release and the internet is still abuzz with anticipation for the blockbuster. Fans are also excited, for many different reasons, and it seems even the crew of the film are each excited at various parts of the film. Matt Reeves Tweeted in October his excitement for the audience to finally hear Giacchino’s score for The Batman.

Back on the final day of scoring The Batman, Michael Giacchino Tweeted his appreciation to everyone who brought his work to life. Specifically, Giacchino thanked the movie’s director Matt Reeves. Reeves in turn re-Tweeted his friend, stating that working with Giacchino is always one of his favorite parts of any film he creates. Reeves added that he can’t wait for audiences to hear the film’s score. As a musician, this quote touched me. Reeves neglecting to toot his own horn to focus on the score can be rare in Hollywood. In my opinion, film directors do not give enough credit to the composers of their films’ scores.

After such kind words between the friends, I hope that The Batman will do well commercially. Hopefully, such a popularly anticipated film will allow the director and composer to work together again soon. Perhaps on a sequel? We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer and see!

The Batman will be released on March 4, 2022

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