Batman/Catwoman Special: A Tribute To John Paul Leon

by James Byrd
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Several artistic stars are stepping up to finish Batman/Catwoman Special #1 and make it a tribute to the late, great, John Paul Leon.

Farewell, friend has reported that multiple artists, including Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Mitch Gerads are pitching in to finish the art for Batman/Catwoman Special #1, a project that was initially delayed indefinitely when the original artist passed away after a 14 year battle with cancer.

The special was intended to be a holiday season offshoot of writer Tom King’s Batman/Catwoman series, a book set in an alternate timeline where Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle reconciled, married, and had a child. The special is now slated for release in January 2022.

The Rich Legacy Of John Paul Leon

John Paul Leon entered the comics industry at the tender age of 19 and was the original artist of Static, the breakout title, and character of the DC/Milestone line. He went on to contribute to many other projects including Batman: Creature of the Night and became a popular cover artist.

Even as he battled cancer, he continued to produce beautiful art and win the support and admiration of his peers. The fact that so many artists are now stepping in to finish Batman/Catwoman Special #1 and fill it with tributes to him is a touching testament to the artist and the man. John Paul Leon will be dearly missed.

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