‘Batman/Catwoman Special #1’ Delayed Indefinitely

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics has reported that the Batman/Catwoman Special #1 one-shot has been “indefinitely postponed”.

The one-shot was originally supposed to act as a Christmas-themed interlude for the mini-series. Series writer Tom King wrote it with John Paul Leon on art, however, Leon tragically passed away while drawing the book.

In the wake of the artist’s death, DC initially pushed the Special back from July to December 2021, but now it appears that the one-shot comic has been taken completely off the schedule.

However, King has insisted that the comic has not been canceled. On Twitter, King wrote that it will be released at some point. The delay is due to having a group of replacement artists take over for Leon, a team that also intends to create an artistic tribute to their colleague.

The latest issue of Batman/Catwoman is set to come out on October 12, and there was no new release date set for Batman/Catwoman Special #1 at the time of writing this article.

Source: newsarama.com

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