Lanvin Fashion House Debuts Batman-Inspired Designs For Paris Fashion Week

by James Byrd
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The esteemed French fashion house Lanvin has debuted Batman-inspired designs for Paris Fashion Week.

Oh la la!

Paris Fashion Week is kind of a big deal. It is to high fashion types what Comic-Con International is to comics fans,  or what Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling is to aficionados of Double Gloucester cheese. To have a fashion house like Lanvin (founded in 1889!) debut a line of Batman-inspired designs on the runways of Paris means that we’ve all gotten just a little bit fancier.

According to fashion media, the lineup is a prime example of designer Bruno Sialelli’s vision to bring “intrigue and surprise” to the runway. Here are some pics of Sialelli’s designs in action:

Batman-inspired fashion is so hot right now

Are real people actually going to wear these Batman-inspired designs? I mean, they’re cool to look at and it seems like the crowd was impressed, but no one is really going to wear those shirts, right? It’s not exactly something Bruce Wayne would don on a date to the circus. I’m sure that they’re ridiculously expensive too!

Fans of the Clown Prince of Crime shouldn’t feel left out, though. Two of the jacket ensembles, which honestly are a tad more wearable than the Batman pieces, also graced the catwalk at the event.

Le sigh, it’s just another example of how far Batman has permeated global culture that fancy Parisians are walking around with his face on their Lanvin shoes. But hey, we all deserve to feel fancy sometimes! Even Batman!

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