New Aquaman Suits Revealed For The Sequel

by Lauren Fiske
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Aquaman is back! Jason Momoa recently posted new photos on his Instagram of two upcoming Aquaman suits audiences can expect to see in the film’s sequel.

Included in the post are two photos. The first shows Momoa brandishing a trident in the traditional gold and teal/green. The second depicts a brand new and incredibly sleek stealth suit for Arthur Curry.

Momoa titled the two pics:

Second round. New suit. More action. #aquaman Aloha j

Both images depict a large amount of Photoshop (down to featuring the same background), but these new suits for Aquaman are pretty cool.

While Momoa’s still rocking his more rugged hair and beard, the main suit for Aquaman looks a little more refined and detailed. The neck, hips, and musculature of the legs are a bit less pronounced than the one seen in the first film. This allows the blending in the leg pieces to be more visible. The gloves/gauntlets and boots are even sharper and more detailed than before, and the greens of the suit have become richer and bluer. The codpiece also stands out a bit more, but ends up balancing the whole figure into nice square shapes.

Now let’s talk about that stealth suit! Now this one’s kind of breathtaking. It feels like if Batman decided he wanted to have bronze accents and lose the bat logo. While many of the pieces are similar in design to the original suit, everything else is toned down in terms of edges. At the same time, none of the detail has been lost. The outfit features a more polka-dot like texture and an unbelievable set of abs that don’t even look like they’re attached to Momoa’s stomach. While this kills a bit of the vibe for me, the overall effect of the suit is still fantastic. Momoa’s full physique is on display and is heightened more in many ways by the darker color palette.

Each suit obviously has its purpose and I, for one, am excited to see what that could look like in the Aquaman sequel! Do you have a favorite of the two new costumes for Aquaman? Do you have any theories about the upcoming film, especially now that we’ve seen Aquaman’s suits? Drop a comment below!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be released sometime in 2022.

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