A Black Canary Movie is Coming!

by Lauren Fiske
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DC has released some excellent flicks this past year, and shows no signs of slowing down! Plenty more series and films are being developed, so it should surprise no one that there will be a continuation of the awesome characters of Birds of Prey. Yes, dear reader, A Black Canary movie is on its way!

Black Canary/Dinah Lance is going to have her own solo, live-action film. Excitingly, Jurnee Smollett will be returning to the role.

On Twitter a few weeks ago, Smollett confirmed the news via Collider’s Tweet, revealing that the film will be made via HBO Max. One of Birds of Prey‘s producers, Sue Kroll, will be producing the Black Canary movie as well under Kroll & Co. Entertainment.

Writer Misha Green is set to write the project. It’s unclear if Green will also be taking on the role of director, as she’s also currently involved in a number of other projects, so there’s no set date for the start of filming. Smollett is busy at the moment as well and is involved in two Netflix films.

HBO Max has not confirmed the Black Canary movie news just yet. Seeing as Smollett personally posted about it herself though, it’s pretty believable. There’s also no news on whether Margot Robbie, or other stars from the Birds of Prey film will be involved in the project. Personally, I’d also really love to see a Huntress project, especially with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but honestly, any female driven film would be great!

There’s no estimated release date for the Black Canary movie, but that doesn’t decrease our excitement! Keep your eyes on this page as we will release more news as often as we can get it.

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