‘Peacemaker’ is ‘The Suicide Squad’s Sequel

by Lauren Fiske
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This article is about the new Peacemaker series made by James Gun for HBO Max. It’s spoiler-filled for The Suicide Squad, so if you haven’t seen the film, read on at your own discretion!

Ever since The Suicide Squad was released, people have been clamoring for more The Suicide Squad and more James Gunn. Even before the film was released, Gunn had announced the show Peacemaker, based on the movie’s character. Now, the writer/director, in light of demands for a sequel to The Suicide Squad, has shared news that the limited series does indeed act as a sequel to the movie.

John Cena’s character was one of the most brutal in the film. I was honestly excited when Bloodsport supposedly killed the murderous “do-gooder”. So, of course, the post-credits scene that revealed Peacemaker’s ultimate fate was a big surprise. Obviously, many fans knew that the Peacemaker series was coming, but it wasn’t clear whether the show was going to be all in the past or a mix.

Now, it’s been confirmed that the show is going to cover both Peacemaker’s past and present. This should include his journey to his anti-hero ways. Additionally, the series should also cover Peacemaker’s future, in the hope that he can redeem himself after his actions in Corto Maltese. The series is only going to be eight episodes long, but Gunn says the show will act as a pseudo-sequel. Seeing as Peacemaker is one of very few main characters to survive the events of The Suicide Squad, it does make sense that he is the connection to a sequel of sorts. Also returning for the “sequel” are Steve Agee as John Economos and Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt among others.

In a Tweet, Gunn also stated that he would be interested in being part of The Suicide Squad 3 (if Peacemaker is thought to act as TSS2). This is welcome news to many fans, and I hope to see Gunn’s wish come true! We will have to see how successful Peacemaker is however. Hopefully, there’s only a few more months to wait for that release.

The Suicide Squad is available in theaters.

Peacemaker will be released on HBO Max in 2022.

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