Want More ‘The Suicide Squad’? DC Can Help!

by Lauren Fiske
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If you’re looking to get more The Suicide Squad in your life, DC is ready to help out. The comic company recently compiled a list of awesome comics and collections that feature the members of Task Force X. The list was released just before the film, although it’s unlikely that any of the suggested comics contained spoilers for the events of the movie.

Collected Editions

DC included several monthly comics in their list but mainly featured collected editions of different series. The first of these editions is The Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire Collected Edition. This book contains eight original issues from the classic 1980s run, and pieces of 1987’s Secret Origins #14. There’re also two issues from a collected edition called The Suicide Squad: Case Files. This set features nearly all the key characters of The Suicide Squad, showing many of their debuts, and other important moments.

DC has also suggested several other important collected editions, listed below.

  • Suicide Squad: Their Greatest Shots
  • Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Kicked in the Teeth
  • Suicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black Vault
  • Suicide Squad: Bad Blood
  • Harley Quinn’s Greatest Hits

Monthly Comics

There are brand new monthly comic books that are also being released that pertain to Task Force X as well. These three issues are being released throughout the month of August. Here’s what DC said about these works:

Suicide Squad #6 (on sale 8/3)


In a story by writer Robbie Thompson and artists Dexter Soy and Eduardo Pansica,

Bloodsport’s first mission with the Squad goes pear-shaped as the Crime Syndicate captures Amanda Waller’s agent on Earth-3. By sending in a team to bring Bloodsport home, Waller may also be able to extract another Suicide Squad member for her new team, if she plays her cards right and doesn’t care who else she loses in the process. As part of the team heads into the Multiverse, Peacemaker gets a new assignment to track down and eliminate Levi Kamei—the new Swamp Thing!


Suicide Squad Free Comic Book Day Special Edition (available 8/14)

Free at participating comic book stores while supplies last on Free Comic Book Day Saturday, August 14, this 32-page flip book spotlights one of the breakout characters from the movie The Suicide Squad, King Shark, in a story written by Tim Seeley with art by Scott Kolins. This book also includes a preview of the DC BLACK LABEL series Suicide Squad: Get Joker!, written by Brian Azzarello (Batman: The World, Batman: Damned) with art by Alex Maleev (Checkmate).


Suicide Squad 2021 Annual (on sale 8/31)

In a story by Suicide Squad series writer Robbie Thompson and artist Dexter Soy, the story behind Conner Kent’s (Superboy) recruitment into Task Force X takes center stage. This oversize (48-page) one-shot alters everything for the one legit hero on the Squad and makes him question his place in it when he finds out the truth behind his origin.

Don’t Forget!

Two last bits of information about comics featuring our favorite anti-heroes:

First, be sure to grab your copies of the Suicide Squad variant covers appearing on various titles in August. All issues will be released this month, and most are available now! The artwork is inspired by scenes of the movie and each one is breathtaking. Here’s the list of what you should check out!

  • Batman #111
  • Blue & Gold #2
  • Catwoman #34
  • Future State: Gotham
  • Green Lantern #5
  • Harley Quinn #6 (on sale 8/24)
  • Infinite Frontier #4
  • Infinite Frontier #5 (on sale 8/24)
  • Suicide Squad #6
  • Superman: Son of Kal-El
  • The Flash #773
  • The Joker #6
  • Wonder Woman #777

Second, don’t forget to sign up for DC Universe Infinite! The comics service has a 7-day free trial, and according to DC, they’ve compiled numerous comic collections that spotlight the characters of The Suicide Squad. DC Universe Infinite also has The Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire free to read if you register your account in August.

For fans of James Gunn’s blockbuster, and the characters that make up Task Force X, there are a multitude of ways to learn more about the history of the Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad is still in theaters and on HBO Max.

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