TDK’s Awesome Power Revealed In New ‘The Suicide Squad’ Clip

by James Byrd
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A new clip released in the runup to the debut of The Suicide Squad shows off the superpower of TDK, played by fan-favorite Nathan Fillion.

Can I… lend you a hand?

This is just perfect. I think from the very beginning a lot of people assumed popular stars like Fillion and and Pete Davidson would be cast as obscure Z-listers in the The Suicide Squad, to serve as comedic cannon-fodder, and this clip certainly serves as evidence for that theory.

As advertised, the superpower of TDK (The-Detachable-Kid) is that he can detach his limbs from his body and telepathically control them from a distance. Who knew that the classic Legion of Substitute Heroes’ member Arm-Fall-Off-Boy would ever be brought to life on the big screen? I have to admit that I had something a little different in mind, like the appendages would shoot around really fast, poking people in the eyes and punching groins. The reality is a hundred times funnier.

He’s gone slap happy!

If you don’t have 40 seconds to watch the clip, it seems like TDK has to concentrate really hard to detach his arms and can only move them at a sensible walking pace. Also, it appears he lacks any imagination in the utility of his abilities, other than to slap armored minions upside the head as they look on in disbelief. It’s a power that would certainly have use in certain situations, but is woefully inappropriate for storming a beach D-Day style. I cannot image that TDK will survive far beyond the clip’s run time, but at least he’ll go out doing what he loves; being mildly annoying!

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