Fans Get to See Naya Rivera In Final Role As Catwoman

by John Hammond
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Batman: The Long Halloween part one is out now, with Part 2 on the horizon in late July.  More details on the movie will be at the end of this article.  The film, however, has a bittersweet touch to it, and thanks to USA Today, fans can now see a clip of the late Naya Rivera in her final role, as Catwoman.

Naya Rivera sadly passed away last year at the age of 33, after she disappeared while out on a boating trip with her son,  on Lake Piru in Ventura County, California, in July 2020.  Her body was found 5 days later, and she was laid to rest on July 24th 2020.

“You could use a little fun”

Rivera voices Catwoman in the new Batman: The Long Halloween animated films, giving Jensens Ackles’ Batman a run for his money across the rooftops of Gotham City.  Supervising producer Butch Lukic had nothing but great things to say about the performance of Rivera:

Incredible voice and range.  It has real power, but she controls it perfectly.

Rivera was cast primarily because of her role as Santana Lopez on the tv show, Glee, and the fact that her singing voice “would play well” for her take on the feline felon.  Lukic goes on to say:

Naya delivered. I don’t think she needed more than a few takes throughout the recording.

The movie is dedicated to the late actress, with Lukic recalling how she really embraced the role.

Naya had a personality that fit well: She was able to bring a very sultry quality to the role, as well as being playful and also emitting an inner strength and confidence. We were all quite taken with her, and we were looking forward to possible future performances. It’s a great tragedy that she’s gone now.

Batman: The Long Halloween sees a young Batman work with a number of allies,  , including Catwoman, Harvey Dent and James Gordon to take on Carmine Falcone.

Check out the trailer for Part 2 below.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 is out on digital, Blu-ray and DVD right now.  Part 2 is due for release on July 27th.

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