Batwing Suit Revealed Ahead Of Batwoman Debut

by John Hammond
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Fans of the Batwoman television show have no doubt been speculating when/if this was gonna happen.  Myself included, particularly after the marked improvement of the show during its second season.  Now, thanks to a couple of newly released character posters, the Batwing Suit has been revealed ahead of its Batwoman Debut.

The posters show Luke Fox actor, Camrus Johnson suited up.

Fans of the Batwing character will already be well aware of his history. Originally, a man called David Zavimbe took the mantle of Batwing, fighting for justice in his home city of Tinasha. However, further down the line, he was replaced by Luke Fox, son of Lucius and a crime fighter in Gotham City, alongside other, classic Batman characters.

The posters were shared on Twitter by the developer of Batwoman, Caroline Dries, who simply said, well, read it for yourselves…

The new suit looks to be mechanized, and with a lot of technology contained within it. It certainly sticks close to the source material, giving us all a nice, comic book accurate live-action representation of the suit, and the character.

The suit has always benefitted from technology, and this is no exception. However, traditionally. the comic-boook versions ashtrays had wings as part of it, but there’s no sign of any in the pictures. Will we get to see them? Only time will tell.

While we do have the new pictures, it’s still unclear on when we’ll see Batwing on the small screen. I assume it won’t be far off, so that we get to see plenty of him before the season’s end. As I said earlier, season 2 (for me) has been an improvement on the first season, and the introduction of Batwing can only elevate it even higher.

These are exciting times, not only for fans of the Batwoman tv show, but for fans of DC Comics as a whole.  I look forwards to seeing Batwing fight crime alongside Ryan Wilder very soon.

What do think?  Do these pictures fill you with excitement for what’s to come?  Please let us know.

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