‘Batman’ #1 Sells for $1.2 Million

by Eric Lee
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A copy of the original Batman #1 has sold for a record-breaking $1.2 million.

In this case, the comic broke the record  for the highest price ever paid for a “Very Fine” condition comic book. The “VF” indicator is the descriptor for a copy that’s earned a 8.0 quality grade. The Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) determined the issue’s quality level with a grade number. The higher the grade number, the presumed higher monetary value of the comic.

To put it in perspective, a recent  Batman #1 graded 9.4 sold for $2.2 million. Yes, you read that correctly. That extra 1.4 grade upped the comic’s value by an extra $1 million.

Batman #1 is not the first appearance of the Dark Knight, but it does feature the first appearances of the Joker, and Catwoman. Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and George Roussos wrote and drew both stories.

This sale comes hot on the heels of the insanely-expensive $3.25 million sale of Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman.

For people who think it is ridiculous to spend that much money on a 80 year old comic, consider this tidbit: the CGC records only 272 copies of Batman #1 as of January 2021. Yes, there are only 272 recorded copies of Batman #1 in the entire world.

Now don’t you wish you had kept your comic book collections all these years?

Source: CBR.com

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