Fallen, Risen, Reborn – The Snyder Cut Is Coming On March 18th 2021

by Steve J Ray
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After years of campaigning, and months of speculation, we finally have answers. With a set of beautiful monochrome images, all across Twitter, and other social media platforms, Zack Snyder has announced the transmission date for his cut of Justice League with the simple teases: Fallen, Risen, Reborn…

On March 18th 2021 Zack Snyder’s Justice League will finally be hitting screens in the U.S. and Canada on the HBO Max streaming service.

Fallen, Risen, Reborn

Of course, Lord only knows when audiences in the U.K., Europe, Australia and non-American territories will get to see the film, but having a firm date is very exciting indeed. The descriptions that accompany the images are so fitting, as they perfectly describe the director’s relationship with the film, and the piece of art itself.

The pictures are simply beautiful, too.

Personally, while the theatrical cut of Justice League was underwhelming, I honestly didn’t hate it. I still feel that it didn’t deserve all the backlash it got, and that there are many, far worse comic-book movies out there. Saying that, my biggest gripe against it i, despite what it says in the credits, it is NOT a Zack Snyder film. The film that’s coming on March 18th will be, and that makes me happy.

As a creator, and artist, this is justice for me (pun intended). Even if the film fails, and nobody likes it, at least they will not like what Zack Snyder himself has made, and not a patchwork movie, made by committee which just had his name on it.

I can’t wait to see it, what about you?

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