James Gunn Confirms ‘The Suicide Squad’ Will Be Rated R

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Despite being just seven months away from release, we still don’t have a trailer for The Suicide Squad. There were so many opportunities to provide one over the last six months like at the DC FanDome panel back in August or at CCXP Brazil a few weeks ago. Somehow, we’re still trailer-less. In the meantime, it seems that James Gunn feels pretty content to share various pieces of news via social media. For instance, on New Year’s Eve, the writer/director very quietly confirmed that The Suicide Squad will be rated R.

As is the case with any news surrounding a project by Gunn, we’re getting confirmation via social media. Gunn has been an active presence on social media, sharing all sorts of news regarding TSS as well as its spinoff HBO Max series Peacemaker. In typical Gunn fashion, we’re learning something pretty major regarding TSS. Apparently, in response to a fan’s question on Twitter, we’re learning that The Suicide Squad is rated R.

It was obvious, wasn’t it?

This news didn’t break the Internet. Personally, upon reading it, I really believed it was old news. Surely, it had already been revealed at some point over the last few months? Time stamps and a quick Google search confirmed that this is actually news. I was certainly confused considering the various things said about the flick during DC FanDome, and the amount of violence that’s been promised. However, it seems that prior to this announcement, it was pure speculation and assumption.

Considering the massive success of Joker, it makes sense that WB would give the green light for a more adult flick. Also, restricting a talent like James Gunn to write and direct a movie where people are guaranteed to die under the restriction of a PG-13 rating just doesn’t seem smart. Damning any filmmaker under those restrictions would be a massive hindrance. Considering Gunn’s roots working with Troma, it’s pretty clear that he’s more comfortable when he’s allowed to work freely.

Well, this is all great news… now I just want my trailer.

The Suicide Squad hits theatres and HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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