Starfire is Getting a New Costume for ‘Titans’ Season 3

by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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Article by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Titans Season 3 is looking to be going all-in on the “super” part of the superhero genre. Not that Titans has been shy about that in the past, but as we’ve seen with Jason Todd, Season 3 is gearing up to fully embrace the source material.

HBOMax, via Twitter, have now revealed Starfire’s new look.

Starfire Titans Season 3 Concept Art by Gina DeDomenicoStarfire in the comicsStarfire Teen Titans CartoonStarfire Teen Titans GO Cartoon

Anna Diop in her Titans Season 3 Starfire costume

First reactions, at least from this writer, are shared with those that were had when previous costumes (Red Hood and Nightwing in particular) were revealed – excited is the most appropriate word I can use. The costume, designed by Laura Jean Shannon, will be our first-ever take on a live-action Starfire. Taking a closer look at the concept art, by Gina DeDomenico, it’s both familiar, yet different from the comics and cartoon iterations.

Definitely inspired by previous Starfire iterations, the live-action costume takes on a more armored look, with elaborate details. It appears more alien, something that falls more in line with the character. While appearing alien, it doesn’t clash with what we’ve seen on Titans thus far. The armored look helps it feel like it’s part of the established look of the show, especially when compared to Red Hood’s costume.

The concept art is great, but seeing it in reality, is something else. Anna Diop embraces the new Starfire look, as it embodies what I’ve come to think of Starfire in the show; regal, powerful, and beautiful. This look doubles down on the royal background of the character, while making it clear that Starfire’s ready to throw down.

Titans Season 3 has no return date as of yet, but it’s set to return to HBOMax sometime next year.

What do you think of Starfire’s new costume? Do you prefer this, or the class look that the comics and cartoons offer? Sound off below!

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