New Photo Shows Alternate Scene with Batman and Robins in ‘Titans’ Season 1 Finale

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

The finale of Season 1 of Titans was a crowd-pleaser. It showed us Batman in action for the first time in the series, as he took out an entire SWAT team. In the end, we found it was just an hallucination from the mind of Dick Grayson, while under Trigon’s control. Unfortunately, season 1 was famously cut short, ending in a cliffhanger. Thankfully, it was quickly resolved in the beginning of season 2, before moving on to the overarching plot. However, a photo recently surfaced featuring what seems to be an alternate scene from the season 1 finale, featuring Bats standing alongside both Robins.

Costume fabricator on Titans, Andrew Speranza, recently took to Instagram. The photo featured Batman standing alongside both Jason Todd and Dick Grayson, looking upward. Looking below, the caption describes it as:

How the finale could’ve [sic] gone down.

All together now.

Take a look:

It’s fun to speculate what could have happened. Perhaps this is how Dick was able to overcome Trigon’s control. Instead of killing Bruce, he saved him? Either way, it’s a pretty cool scene, considering that they’re standing, bathed in sunlight, which is a pretty rare sight for Batman. Yeah, it’s a cool hero shot. If this had made it into the final cut, I wonder if this bright lighting would have remained.

Titans is, overall, an incredibly dark show, both in tone and in lighting. (I remember squinting to make things out at times.) [Also, in a later post Speranza confirms that he didn’t unveil the photo, but the Internet always seems to find the original source, leaving Speranza stuck with popularizing it.]

What do you think of this potential alternate scene? How do you think the finale of Titans season 1 should have ended? Let me know.

At the moment, Titans Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming exclusively on DC Universe.

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