Matt Reeves Reveals ‘The Batman’ Logo and Art on Twitter

The Batman logo
Article by Carl Bryan

Red and Black

Okay… a few months back we got to see Robert Pattison’s cowled look, with a very dark, red filter which piqued our interest. Now Matt Reeves has teased a very “Sin City” The Batman logo. The film is slated to renew filming in September, 2020.

The Tweet…


Jim Lee Endorsed

DC Legend Extraordinaire Jim Lee even got in on the action, as Reeves revealed some red shaded art for DC FanDome, which compliments the logo’s red and black motif.

Is This Going to be a Trend?

Given the first images of Pattinson with a red filter, and now The Batman logo taking on red and black shading, is this foretelling anything?  Or is Reeve’s longing for a Batman akin to Frank Miller’s Sin City, or a Hell’s Kitchen Daredevil theme? There’s lots to take out of this tweet!

Let us know what you think!

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