New ‘B:TAS’ Harley Quinn Easter Egg Found in ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

For the most part, I think there’s really no denying that the Batman: Arkham franchise is one of the best superhero games ever. It’s objectively true. A council of video gamers and superhero fanboys have declared it so, and we must abide. All jokes aside, you can’t really contest that there are few superhero video games that are better. I personally have trouble naming any. The Arkhamverse is so incredibly rich and vast that, even now, people are still discovering new things in it. For instance, a few days ago, a Harley Quinn easter egg was found out of bounds in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

A few days ago, Batman Arkham Videos released a video on YouTube showing a newly discovered easter egg. Of all places, it was found in Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first entry into the franchise! That means that this secret has remained hidden for over a decade!

Check out the neat little find in the video below:

Just a bit of fun

So, if you manage to clip through the wall, you’ll find a cube textured with art of Harley Quinn, from Batman: The Animated Series. As explained in the video, these sorts of cubes are usually left behind for developers for reference points during development. My guess is the texture was added because the devs were just having fun while working one day. It’s not a particularly monumental discovery, but it’s pretty darn cool. Personally, I don’t really think it was meant to be found, but it’s still a treat for any Batfan who managed to.

This B:TAS Harley Quinn easter egg helps to prove, once again, the type of passion we’re dealing with here. Despite the fact that players weren’t really meant to see it, they decided to do something internally, showing their devotion to Batman. I love them even more knowing that.

While not the most obscure easter egg, my personal favorite is the Arkham City blueprints in Warden Quincy Sharp’s office. At the time, it just blew my mind that it was placed there to tease fans for a sequel, and it was so difficult to find. The Scarecrow tease in Arkham City was also pretty rad.

What’s your favorite Arkham easter egg? What’s your favorite Arkham game? Let me know.

The remastered Arkham games are currently available as a collection called Batman: Arkham Collection for PC and current-gen consoles, which rightfully doesn’t include Batman: Arkham Origins.

Check out my essay against Origins here and Chris Foti’s counterargument in favor of it here.

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