Ross Butler Wants To Play Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis

Article by Eric Lee

Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why star, Ross Butler, has expressed interest in playing Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond.

On Twitter, Butler posted a picture of Batman Beyond with the caption: “Can we?… is this… a thing?”

It’s unclear where Butler’s interest in the role is coming from. However, since the news broke that Michael Keaton may return playing an older Batman/Bruce Wayne role in The Flash movie, many have speculated that Batman ’89 star may possibly play a mentor position, like Bruce Wayne does for Terry McGinnis in the Batman Beyond show. Some fans have taken it a step further, and conjectured that Keaton can go on to play this older Bruce in a Batman Beyond live-action film.

Perhaps Butler heard those online rumors and got excited about a potential Batman Beyond movie.

Amusingly, Butler has already portrayed a superhero in a DC movie. He played the superhero version of Eugene Choi in last year’s Shazam! film.

Perfect Casting?

Ross Butler’s side-by-side pictures really make a compelling argument for him to play Terry. Just look at the guy! He looks like a spitting image of Terry McGinnis. The only difference is that Butler is half-Asian, whereas Terry is portrayed completely Caucasian. Admittedly though, the original cartoon’s art style does gives Terry a slight Asian complexion, and this guy looks like he stepped out of the cartoon!

There’s no official word on a Batman Beyond movie yet, so do check in with Dark Knight News for any updates about any Bat-related media.

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