Jim Lee’s Batman #50 Variant Cover Contains Easter Egg

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Article by Eric Lee

Batman writer Tom King has confirmed that a villainous easter egg is hidden on Jim Lee’s Batman #50 variant cover.

On Twitter, King gave away that there’s a villain hidden within the Catwoman and Batman cover. King wrote the cryptic message “Did you spot the hidden villain?”

Before we move forward, stare at Lee’s variant cover. Do you see the hidden villain? Look carefully.

It turns out that there’s an upside image of the Joker reflected in Catwoman’s goggles. It’s super subtle, but it’s there.

Pretty sneaky, huh? An unknown fan online also posted a close-up image to clarify the Joker’s face. The Joker was the villain that was leading up to the infamous Batman #50 wedding issue.

In Batman #4849, the Joker takes a wedding hostage, and Batman and Catwoman have to stop him. Everybody’s incapacitated, which leads to an intimate conversation between Joker and Catwoman as they bleed out on the church floor. The conversation affected Catwoman so much, that it actually played into her decision to leave Bruce Wayne at the altar.

Lee himself later commented with a cheeky response.


Nice work, Jim Lee! I guess that the joke’s on us!

Did you pick up on Jim Lee’s Batman #50 variant Easter egg? Pull out your copy of the book, and stare at it. Some of the writers here at DKN do that a lot with Lee’s art, whether it contains hidden baddies, or not.

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