Zoe Kravitz Supported By Previous Catwoman Actresses

by Chris Foti
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Article by Chris Foti

Ever since the Batman show of the 1960s, each version of the character has faced an equally iconic version of the feline fatale, Catwoman. Michael Keaton had Michelle Pfeiffer, and Christian Bale had Anne Hathaway. Even young David Mazouz had his own Selina Kyle, in the form of the very feline Camren Bicondova, in Gotham. Between the television shows and movie, Adam West had Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriwether. Halle Berry also had a turn as Catwoman, but… let’s not talk about that one.

Julie Newmar as Catwoman
Julie Newmar
Eartha Kitt as Catwoman
Eartha Kitt
Lee Meriwether as Catwoman
Lee Meriwether
Michelle Pfeiffer
Halle Berry
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
Camren Bicondova

In Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, Zoe Kravitz will become the latest to suit up against the Dark Knight, in their fabled love/hate relationship. Entering such an iconic role, Kravitz said she received a warm welcome from her predecessors.

I spoke to Michelle (Pfeiffer). We sat at the same table at the Golden Globes, and I’ve met her a bunch over the years because of David E. Kelley. She’d always been so nice. I’d just gotten cast, so I was really nervous to be around her, and she was so sweet. She just gave me a big hug and said, “You’re going to be great.” That was really just amazing. Both Halle (Berry) and Anne (Hathaway) were really sweet on Instagram and Twitter. (They) sent really sweet, encouraging messages when that was announced. So I feel supported by my girls.

Kravitz has recently gone on record to say why she thinks Robert Pattinson is perfect for the role of Batman, so it’s great to see the previous Catwomen are supportive of her to take up the mantle.

Speaking of Michelle Pfeiffer, let’s not close the door on her as Catwoman just yet. With the talks of Michael Keaton returning to Batman via the Flash film, I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a cameo too. In the Keaton Batman timeline, the characters of the Joker and Penguin are dead, and unfortunately the actors who played Alfred (Michael Gough) and Jim Gordon (Pat Hingle) have passed away. Pfeiffer is really the only big name character whose actress and character survived the two films. I’m not saying they will, or should… I’m just saying that it’s food for thought.

Instead of dwelling on the past however, let’s get excited for the future! Zoe Kravitz will be suiting up as Catwoman in The Batman on October 1, 2021.

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