A Close-Up Look of ‘The Batman’ Batmobile

Article by Eric Lee

New images of The Batman’s Batmobile give a better look of the iconic vehicle.

Previously, director Matt Reeves teased the Batmobile with some hazy pictures. However, the images were a little murky and hard to make out all the details. That is until now.

Concept model artist Jeff Frost posted hi-res images of the Batmobile to his personal website that give a great look of the car. But since Frost’s site is private, the images were distributed on Twitter. Check out a close-up look of Batman’s ride.


A Batmobile That Looks Built in a Garage

The frame of the vehicle looks derived from a muscle car. To be more specific, the frame may possibly be from a 1970’s Dodge Challenger. There also seems to be a battering ram attached to the front that resembles a military-grade SWAT battering ram.

The engine is completely exposed in the back. Twin vertical exhausts extend from it. Also, the afterburner-where the fire shoots at the back-seem directly attached to the engine.

Plus, check out those extra-wide tires. They are not unlike the huge tires from the Tumbler from The Dark Knight films.

Pretty neat, huh? It certainly fits in with the more grassroots, homemade look of Batman so far. His suit is also noticeably handmade-looking. If you look closely at that, the suit is made of random items that do not necessarily match, such a fabric cowl with a heavily armored breastplate.

Similarly, the Batmobile appears to be an assortment of different pieces cobbled together. Like, it literally looks like a car that a gear-head fan built in his garage with any available parts.

The Batman may resume filming by July 2020.

The film will hit theaters on October 1, 2021.


Eric Lee

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