LEGO Batman Wants to Help Stop Spread the Coronavirus in New PSA

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Upon first hearing about The LEGO Movie, I rolled my eyes very far back into my head and wondered out loud about how bad it could be. However, good word of mouth pushed me into the theatre. Completely blown away, I experienced a very funny, entertaining movie with a heartfelt ending. Of course, the breakout star was Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman. Both a parody and tribute to the character, he had me laughing out loud. When the LEGO Batman Movie was announced, I was completely on board. As expected, the movie was absolutely wonderful. Not just being a good movie, it felt more than any other live-action Batman flick, that the makers understood Batman and his impact after 80 years. Being responsible with the character’s popularity, LEGO decided to educate and help stop spread of coronavirus in new PSA ads.

With Will Arnett and Ralph Fiennes reprising their roles as LEGO Batman and Alfred respectively, we were treated to a hilarious PSA on the coronavirus. While in the middle of getting his “swole on,” LEGO Alfred interrupts the Dark Knight to film a PSA for the kiddies. In it, the pair educate viewers on the coronavirus, explaining what the kids can do during these scary times.

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Take a look:

Both educational and entertaining, it’s good that we have someone as awesome as LEGO Batman to explain the coronavirus to us. All of it’s done in a very digestible way that doesn’t induce anxiety. You know, not like the way news outlets have done over the last few months. This was a wonderful way to put a smile on faces, while responsibly informing kids about what’s going on. Yet another way for Batman to be a hero, helping to stop spread of coronavirus in a new PSA.

What do you think? Great way to keep kids informed without scaring? Which other character do you think would do a good job to educate? Let me know.

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