13th Dimension Produces Free Batman Story

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

13th Dimension Batman Cover13th Dimension has assembled a handful of comic book creators to make a free Batman comic.

Amid COVID-19 restrictions, new comic book shipments are more-or-less halted, so a group of comic book professionals gathered to make a free Batman story. The comic was the brainchild of comic fan-site 13th Dimension.

Alex Segura and Michael Moreci wrote the comic. George Kambadais illustrated it. And Taylor Esposito and Jamie L. Rotante lettered and proofread the comic short respectively.

Each creator is known entity within the comic book industry. Segura is the co-president of Archie Comics. Moreci has scripted Star Wars Adventures for IDW, the cross-over Archie Meets Batman ’66 and issues of Nightwing, Detective Comics and others for DC. Kambadais has handled the art on various creator-owned titles, like Short Order Crooks and Swift.

Here’s the comic in full:

This comic project is such a cool idea, since it is not for-profit, but for the joy of creating. Still, according to 13th Dimension, the story has many roots in Batman lore. The comic cites influences as diverse as Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Year One, and even a little bit of Batman: The Long Halloween. See if you can pin-point the influences when reading the comic.

Check out the 13th Dimension website and look through their amusing columns and articles.

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