Article By Eric Lee

Due to COVID-19, the release date for The Batman has now been moved to October 2021.

Initially, Warner Bros scheduled the film for a June 25, 2021 release date. However COVID-19 shut down filming and now the Robert Pattinson’s Batman debut will be pushed to the fall of next year.

This is not a surprising move, since The Batman only started production at the tail end of 2019. Matt Reeves and the crew only completed 25 percent of the movie until COVID-19 halted production. Since the lock-downs continued to delay production re-starting, it became highly unlikely that the movie would meet its June 2021 deadline. Warner Bros have now accommodated a new filming timetable by postponing the movie release.

The Bright Side of the Delay

The good news for The Batman is that October has relatively few new movie releases. This will allow The Batman to open up with relatively light competition at the box office. The only other film opening in October and is targeting a similar demographic is Sony’s Uncharted. 

Keep in mind, Joker also opened in October and went on to rake in over one billion dollars at the box officeThe Batman has the potential to make the same amount of money.

The studio hopes that The Batman will resume filming in September 2020. Of course, this will depend on whether COVID-19 will continue to be a concern. Hopefully, the situation will dissipate by then so that production may continue.

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